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international Orders and LinkPoint

Knowledge Base Lobby : uStorekeeper Support Conference : Configuration Questions
Mar-19-19 01:52 PM EST
Original Message
international Orders and LinkPoint
Author Jim Howell on 11-17-2000 at 14:17 (EST)
It looks as though we're going to have to modify the script to handle international orders. The State field is not required by uStorekeeper, but is by LinkPoint. LinkPoint has sent us some html that will allow us to to use a pre-filled dropdown on the page rather than the text field for state (line 1246 of the script). Anything I need to look out for in the way of unwanted tooth marks from your end?
Thanks in advance--Jim

Table Of Contents
  RE: international Orders and LinkPoint Bill Weiner, 2000-11-17 16:21:03 (1)
            International Orders Jim Howell, 2000-11-17 18:29:45 (2)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: international Orders and LinkPoint
        Author Bill Weiner on 11-17-2000 at 16:21 (EST)
Hmmm...So your thinking about modifying the "create_order_form" subroutine in order to have the "state" field be a drop down menu (SELECT) field instead of a fill-in (TEXT) field? No, I don't foresee any problems there. So you can try it.

Or as another option, you can try modifying the "review_order" subroutine by locating the following line:

$customer_state = &validate_string($customer_state);

And adding some sort of a check immediately after it such as:

if (!($customer_state =~ /S/))
$customer_state = "OTHER";

... where "OTHER" is whatever LinkPoint suggests should be used as the "state" for international orders. By the way, if LinkPoint does require the "state" field, what value DO they want the "state" field to have for international customers who do not have a "state"? I imagine it can be any non-space value?
                 2. International Orders
                Author Jim Howell on 11-17-2000 at 18:29 (EST)
LinkPoint has provided a snippet of html that has country and state codes preset in an select dropdown. I thought that I'd substitute the "state" text box with the preloaded select.

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