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MAC IE Problems

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Applets are not adding items to Shopping Cart
Mar-19-19 01:52 PM EST
Original Message
MAC IE Problems
Author Brian Stevens on 04-11-2000 at 20:18 (EST)
I have the latest full version of the appletts and can confirm the issue of not working correctly on IE5 for MAC but ok on everything else.

Any idea when a fix will be available?


Table Of Contents
  RE: MAC IE Problems Bill Weiner, 2000-04-12 05:31:43 (1)
            MAC IE 5.O Thomas Schilling, 2000-07-11 17:10:59 (2)
                 RE: MAC IE 5.O Bill Weiner, 2000-07-11 19:21:21 (3)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: MAC IE Problems
        Author Bill Weiner on 04-12-2000 at 05:31 (EST)
If there is a problem with the applets running on IE on a MAC, then we may just be at the mercy of the IE5/Mac browser (or rather it's implementation of the Jave Virtual Machine - JVM). The only thing we can do is try to perform some controlled testing to duplicate the IE/Mac problem and then try to find a work-around for it ....which is not impossible, because we have worked through weird problems with other browsers before. It could be something as simple as what codebase needs to be used for Mac operating systems or something trickier like tracking down a Java method that was implemented differently by the IE/Mac JVM. We'll see what we can do before the next release of uShop.

And just to gather more information about what you are seeing:
1) What version of IE are you using on a Mac? (Version 5 right?)
2) Is the problem just that when using IE on a Mac the items are not being added to the shopping cart?
3) Open up IE's Java Console and see if any "exception" messages are being displayed when you hit one of the input applet's "Add" buttons.
                 2. MAC IE 5.O
                Author Thomas Schilling on 07-11-2000 at 17:10 (EST)
I'm dealing with the same problem: I'm having Netscape 4.7, IE 4.5 and IE 5.o on the same PowerMac G3 running system 8.6. As soon as I switch to IE 5.0, your JAVA code of the cart doesn't display anymore and there's an error message.
                         3. RE: MAC IE 5.O
                        Author Bill Weiner on 07-11-2000 at 19:21 (EST)
What is the error message that you are seeing?

On a side note, we are in the process of attempting to do some controlled testing on the Mac platform and are still looking for volunteers to help test on the Mac plafrom. If you have a Mac computer, are familiar with uShop, and would like to volunteer to help do some controlled testing, email us at "" with "Mac Volunteer" in the subject.

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