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A "filter" or way to show only a super-category of data

Knowledge Base Lobby : uDirectory Support Conference : uDirectory Configuration Questions
Mar-22-19 01:04 AM EST
Original Message
A "filter" or way to show only a super-category of data
Author artmerkin on 07-29-2003 at 16:43 (EST)
I am setting up a database that will have records in different categories (new, used, etc). Before getting to the listing screen where they can goto categories or do searches, I want them to be able to select a super-category by Geographic region. In other words, I need TWO categories -- a primary category that displays a subset of listings, then the user can further refine by selecting a specific category. For example, first choose to see listings only in California, then the listing will filter only those where a certain field = California, and then they can view these listings with ability to view by category, search on fields, etc.

Can I use a general field for the purpose somehow (make it a hidden field with an field type = "option", and have all geographies listed as the options), and use some coding that will list only records that have that field = a specific value?

btw, I know the user can do this by "search on", select field name = state, then type in California, but for our needs it is asking too much of the user... we want them to select their region first, then see only listings in that region and be able to do other searches, etc

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  RE: A "filter" or way to show only a super-category of data Bill Weiner, 2003-07-30 05:44:33 (1)
            A "filter" or way to display a subset of records artmerkin, 2003-08-05 18:35:59 (2)
                 uDirectory categories Microburst Support Team, 2003-08-06 09:45:16 (3)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: A "filter" or way to show only a super-category of data
        Author Bill Weiner on 07-30-2003 at 05:44 (EST)
There are a couple ways to handle that:

1) Adopt a naming convention when creating your uDirectories categories, Such as:

Alabama - Camp Sites
Alabama - Hotels
Alabama - Restaurants
Alaska - Camp Sites
Alaska - Hotels
Alaska - Restaurants
California - Camp Sites
California - Hotels
California - Restaurants

This will give the illusion of having Geographic subcategories.

2) Install multiple copies of uDirectory Deluxe such that each main category ("State" in your case) has it's own copy of uDirectory. Categories created within each copy of uDirectory... would then essentially be "Subcategories". A standard index.html page could then be used to link all main categories (the multiple copies of uDirectory) together. NOTE: This option is admittedly more difficult to maintain than OPTION 1 above.
                 2. A "filter" or way to display a subset of records
                Author artmerkin on 08-05-2003 at 18:35 (EST)
Thanks for the reply, but the two options you suggested are not right for our application, so in search of another way:

Can we put all listings in a single category, then use a certain field for "State", and use some coding that will list only records that have that field = a specific value? Just like searching on a field, but instead of returning a search list with titles, it actually displays the records.

Another question: Can uDirectory display all your categories at once (ie list the whole database)? Thanks
                         3. uDirectory categories
                        Author Microburst Support Team on 08-06-2003 at 09:45 (EST)
uDirectory was not designed to display all of the listings at once, thus the category implementation concept. Yes, you could put all of the listings into one category - but as far as modifying the search logic, that would require customization work.

You could submit your request for a customization quote to our support team (, or, if you know perl and want to modify the source code for the search, you must request permission from Microburst Technologies, and you must agree to other licensing restrictions, among which include the restriction that you can not resell or rebrand your changes, and you can not remove any Microburst logos or insignia.

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