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NT setup issues...

Knowledge Base Lobby : uDirectory Support Conference : uDirectory Configuration Questions
Jul-21-18 08:52 PM EST
Original Message
NT setup issues...
Author Jen Lewin on 02-27-2002 at 22:17 (EST)
I love your product.. would just love to get it working. Followed all of your instructions (got the testscript.html ( up and working- no problem)..

I am unfortunately using, and have an NT server/service.

They claim they 'cannot' change file permissions, so I am unable to chmod any of the .pl files, or the listings dir.


Does this actually work with NT? Do I need to call and talk to webhosting in person about changing file permissions?

my guess is that the main problem is my $relative_directory parameter. .. although, I am unable to get a clear answer from webhosting as to what this might be.



Table Of Contents
  Setting up uDirectory on an NT Server Microburst Support Team, 2002-02-28 15:20:18 (1)
            RE: Setting up uDirectory on an NT Server Bill Weiner, 2002-02-28 21:38:44 (2)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. Setting up uDirectory on an NT Server
        Author Microburst Support Team on 02-28-2002 at 15:20 (EST)
If you take a look through our uDirectory support forum you will see there are other people running it on an NT Server, so yes, absolutely, it will run on an NT Server.

And yes, unfortunately, you need to chmod file permissions per the uDirectory User's Guide when installing it. You will need to get in touch with your webhost and specifically tell them which files to change permissions on. If necessary, show them the User's Guide and let them read the installation instructions for themselves...this should not be such a surprise/unusual request for them.
                 2. RE: Setting up uDirectory on an NT Server
                Author Bill Weiner on 02-28-2002 at 21:38 (EST)
What is the exact error/problem that you are seeing?

You mentioned that you got the test script working.... so did you have to change any permissions on that "" file to get it work? The uDirectory script will be the same way.

Or if you're just having problems getting the script to write data to the "listings" directory?

Are you getting an "unable to open" error?

If so, then the problem is related to giving the "listings" directory permissions such that the script can write data to that directory. See the following troubleshooting page for additional suggestions:

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