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.pl file setup question

Knowledge Base Lobby : uDirectory Support Conference : General uDirectory Troubleshooting
Jul-21-18 03:37 PM EST
Original Message
.pl file setup question
Author Moderator on 09-27-1999 at 18:52 (EST)
I have answered all the questions in the script, and now I am wondering: do I just load the script in the cgi directory of my site (with or without the .txt extention??)

It would then end on either .pl or .pl.txt

Or do I have to put the script in a html file before loading it?

I have tried already without success, so before doing more damage I thought I would check.

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  perl file setup question Moderator, 1999-09-27 18:54:07 (1)

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         1. perl file setup question
        Author Moderator on 09-27-1999 at 18:54 (EST)
Actually the file name shouldn't end with ".txt". While you correctly edited the settings with a text editor, the text editor may have put the ".txt" extension on the file when you saved the changes. So the first thing I would suggest doing is to rename the script back to the .pl name (For exampe: "" if you are using the business edition.)

The next thing to do, is to transfer the file to your server's CGI directory in ASCII or TEXT mode (as opposed to BINARY mode).

To change the permissions, I'm not exactly sure how to do it with "Cute FTP" - but usually you can select the file or directory by pressing the LEFT mouse button on the file or directory once - and then RIGHT-CLICK on the file name or directory name to get a drop-down list. There should be an option called "permissions". And once you select permissions, you will probably see three READ checkboxes, three WRITE checkboxes, and three EXECUTE checkboxes. For 755 permission, select all the READ checkboxes and all the EXECTURE checkboxes. For 777 permissions, select all READ, all WRITE, and all EXECUTE checkboxes.

That procedure to change the permissions is how it works using WS-FTP, but Cute FTP should be similar.

By the way, what type of server does your web hosting company have? UNIX or NT? I ask this, because if it is an NT server, you may have to get your web hosting provider to change the permission on your listings directory for you (since FTP programs do not change the permissions on NT servers). If it is a UNIX server, then your FTP program should work fine.

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