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Database trouble - Some listings are not viewable

Knowledge Base Lobby : uDirectory Support Conference : General uDirectory Troubleshooting
Jul-16-18 06:32 AM EST
Original Message
Database trouble - Some listings are not viewable
Author Frank White on 04-15-2001 at 15:46 (EST)
Some listing are not showing up. I've checked the database and they are there. I've attempted to run the GENERATE HTML utility but get the following message:

Unable to create .html file

This issue does not seemed to be addressed in the trouble shooting manual.

The database is approaching 1000 records. What should I do?

The url to the database is

Table Of Contents
  RE: Database trouble - Some listings are not viewable Bill Weiner, 2001-04-17 06:29:44 (1)
            corrupted Categories txt files Frank White, 2001-04-17 12:47:42 (2)
                 regeneration working. Frank, 2001-04-17 13:13:19 (3)
                      RE: regeneration working Bill Weiner, 2001-04-18 06:31:48 (4)
                           regeneration working Frank, 2001-04-19 08:52:45 (5)
                                RE: regeneration working Bill Weiner, 2001-04-20 06:07:35 (6)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Database trouble - Some listings are not viewable
        Author Bill Weiner on 04-17-2001 at 06:29 (EST)
An "Unable to create .html file" message would only occur if the "udirectory-categories.txt" data file had gotten corrupted and/or the permissions on that file were changed.

Has the "udirectory-categories.txt" recently been modified, moved, or permissions changed?

If so, then that is where to look.

If not, then we'll have to look at other possiblities.
                 2. corrupted Categories txt files
                Author Frank White on 04-17-2001 at 12:47 (EST)
I've not made in changes in the categories txt files. How can I re-build the corrupted files?

                         3. regeneration working.
                        Author Frank on 04-17-2001 at 13:13 (EST)
LAST EDITED ON Apr-17-01 AT 01:43 PM (EST)

I would up having to restore some of the *.txt files from backup. Somehow the information in those text files became corrupted (actually the information was missing).

At the risk of sounding paranoid, I'm wondering if security is an issue and if I was a victum. How secure is Udirectory Deluxe and does it have the ability to ward off malicious hacks and attacks?

Frank White

                                 4. RE: regeneration working
                                Author Bill Weiner on 04-18-2001 at 06:31 (EST)
In uDirectory Deluxe we have taken various precautions to validate all user input and make sure that users can't enter things they should be entering.

In regard to what could have caused the .txt files to get corrupted... there are a couple things that may have caused it, but it is hard to say for sure. If you still have the corrupted files, go ahead and send them to me at and I will take a look at them. I may be able to tell what was going on.
                                         5. regeneration working
                                        Author Frank on 04-19-2001 at 08:52 (EST)
If it happens again, then I'll fill out a support request.

Actally, I tried to this time but couldn't find my license number. Will you have your office send it to me?

                                                 6. RE: regeneration working
                                                Author Bill Weiner on 04-20-2001 at 06:07 (EST)
Yes, if you need get your license number, just send an email request to Give them the name under which the license was purchased and if possible, the approximate date of the purchase. They will be able to help.

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