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Back Ground Colors and cool ad on's

Knowledge Base Lobby : uStorekeeper Support Conference : Future Feature Wish List
Jul-17-18 07:45 AM EST
Original Message
Back Ground Colors and cool ad on's
Author comway on 06-28-2000 at 02:44 (EST)
You make a good program but they owes fall sort on the checkout order and Information page.. If Im trying to make a page all black and the Checkout page only allows me the options of changeing the form colors not the page black it make it look bad, same thing with the inforaation page have the option to change the text color to white or green. If I turn that page black I might as well just take the option off the page becuase no one can read it..

Its not cool to read a black page then click on a submit order or submit search and get blasted with a white page. ITs like a small nuck going off!! Same problem with UDirectory Search!!

Go to this url below a see what I mean.. and then clcik on seach for 5 stars..I hope your whearing shads.................


And scents where now talking about uDirectory hers some cool things to do with it on your next version or free up date. One take the Search On thing off, you don't know how many customer send me e-mail asking wy it dos't work!! ERRRR

The Second thing would to have banner ably to rotate in the udDirectory Im sick of puting LinkXchange banner in it thats the only banner that seem to work.. and in the URL Box give the option of allowing to open a new window or target the body of your web page... ERRRR this realy gets to me.....

And other great litte program is setting in your on web page wy not take this litte program that you have that im typing this letter to you and have it as another program to ad to some web site. HE HE it would look good in black and white.

And any news group software in the works??

How about chat programes? or message boards so customer keep coming back to some one web page He HE like Comways HE HE...

And a nother great litte program you can make would be to make and add graphis to web pages, genealogy page are big hit wy not make something to hold and orginze a famile tree on line.

Sorry Sorry did't mean to balst you all at once but I had some ideas and just whanted to give them to you..

Ow ya how about some online text bast games?



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