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Order of Products

Knowledge Base Lobby : uStorekeeper Support Conference : Future Feature Wish List
Jul-22-18 03:00 AM EST
Original Message
Order of Products
Author ICNJill on 06-21-2000 at 23:50 (EST)
Is it possible, in some way, to have products displayed two to a row... rather than every product below each other? I'm working on a site with a large number of products, and we'd like to be able to disable lines of two or three products at a time.


Product 1 Product 2 Product 3


Product 4 Product 5 Product 6


I'm not seeing any place to do this within the actual layout templates... some way of creating a cascading order.. of the products.

Also, is it possible to set it up so that when the category is displayed.. only the product image, title are displayed.. then, when they press on the link, they get to a page which lists all of the relevent product info? I know.. this is a reach.. but I just thought I'd ask. I've an art gallery client who would like to try this and we've seen it done on other shopping carts.

Please email your answer if possible!

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  RE: Order of Products Bill Weiner, 2000-06-22 06:25:44 (1)

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         1. RE: Order of Products
        Author Bill Weiner on 06-22-2000 at 06:25 (EST)
Thanks for the suggestions, we don't have those features built-in to uStorekeeper exactly as you I'll add them to our future enhancements list.

In the mean time, here are some work-arounds that are pretty close:

You can design regular HTML pages that link directly to the uStorekeeper product listings. This means that you can design some pages with whatever layout that you want - such as only showing rows of images/product titles - and then have each image link to the full product listing in the store by appending the following onto your URL:


where PRODUCTID is the ID of the product you want to link to.

See the following link to section 7.1 in the User's Guide for more information:

Or as a different option, note that currently with uStorekeeper, you can specify an HTML page that will be linked to when the customer clicks on the product's thumbnail image. See item #18 under the "Add Product" section in the User's Guide:

This can essentially be used to link customers to a custom HTML page - with the full product details on it.

Furthermore, don't forget that you can specify any HTML tags in the listing's description field. This means that you can add additional hypertext links in the description field too.

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