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Default Category Landing Page

Knowledge Base Lobby : uStorekeeper Support Conference : Future Feature Wish List
Jul-22-18 10:43 AM EST
Original Message
Default Category Landing Page
Author Mark Bishop on 02-18-2000 at 00:27 (EST)
I think it would be good to be able to organize categories by priority instead of how they are added within the Admin menu. Maybe to offer an option that displays all the categories, and then place a number next to them in the order to be viewed.

I noticed that whatever category I last added, that it will be displayed when a user goes into uStoreKeeper. This might not be the best category I would want buyers to see first.


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  RE: Default Category Landing Page Bill Weiner, 2000-02-19 08:33:20 (1)
            So, a default custom landing page can be made? Mark Bishop, 2000-02-19 22:47:35 (2)
                 RE: So, a default custom landing page can be made? Bill Weiner, 2000-02-20 11:42:33 (3)
                      A good example of Perl and HTML Mark Bishop, 2000-02-20 22:22:40 (4)
            Can I use the GOTO command on a single Product ID? Mark Bishop, 2000-02-22 06:15:50 (5)
                 RE: Can I use the GOTO command on a single Product ID? Bill Weiner, 2000-02-22 08:01:23 (6)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Default Category Landing Page
        Author Bill Weiner on 02-19-2000 at 08:33 (EST)
Actually the categories are setup so that they will be listed in alphabetical order (although I should point out that categories beginning with lower-case letters will always be listed in the category drop-down after the categories beginning with upper-case letters - due to their ASCII value.)

Anyway, when you click on the "Goto Store" button or just link to your store via the URL, it is always configured to go to the first category....which just so happens to be the first category alphabetically.

Note that you can link customers to specific categories by linking them to the script's URL followed by ?command=goto&file=DESIREDCATEGORY.html where DESIRECATEGORY is the category you want to link customers to. For example, if I wanted to link customers to the "uStorekeeper" category in our uburst Store, then I could setup a link to:

There is a little more info in the User's Guide if interested.

But anyway, we have seen the need to reorder the category in the drop down we'll look into getting that in a future version. Thanks!
                 2. So, a default custom landing page can be made?
                Author Mark Bishop on 02-19-2000 at 22:47 (EST)
Essentially then with the goto example you listed, I could make a custome "Welcome" category and have the URL goto that as the beginning landing page for users to see?

Also, have you thought much about integrating HTML templates to tie into uStoreKeeper? And was your sole reason to use only Perl scripts just for security reasons?

Thank you.

                         3. RE: So, a default custom landing page can be made?
                        Author Bill Weiner on 02-20-2000 at 11:42 (EST)
Yes, there are a couple ways handle the "beginning landing" page for customers. We kind of demonstrate both of them on our online store. That is,

OPTION 1) Create your own "ENTER STORE" html page, similar to what we have at:

You can see that this is just a regular HTML page...with a couple links linking to specific categories in our store.

OPTION 2) As you mentioned, create your own "Welcome Page" with uStorekeeper. We have kind of done this with our "Specials" page at:

Which happens to be the first category in our store...and thus the default page that people would see when just linking to our uStorekeeper script. Note also that in this "Specials" category....we didn't actually add any items... just used uStorekeepers "Additional HTML (Middle)" field to add the info that we wanted to display.

In regard to HTML templates, we will be looking more into that for a future release. In this first release, our focus was on creating a solid ground work for the data formats and store functionality in general. Now it will be easier to go back and allow for different page layouts/templates....without affecting the underlying data format (which will make upgrading without data modification possible).

And finally, in regard to using Perl scripts only (as opposed to mixing with Java?)... Our goal was to make the store run as solid a possible on every browser imaginable.... And the only way to really do this was to dynamically generate HTML pages composed of standard HTML syntax. No Java or JavaScript was used at this time since they are not support by all browsers (older, newer, AOL, Web TV, etc.)
                                 4. A good example of Perl and HTML
                                Author Mark Bishop on 02-20-2000 at 22:22 (EST)
For the last few years I've been using, and modifying, Gossamer-Threads LINKS 2.0 program. This is an excellent program of utilizing Perl with HTML pages.

I'm hoping uStoreKeeper will go into that direction, at least to some degree. If you've not seen Links in action, you can visit my site at (after entering the categories are part of the Links engine) or Gossamer-Threads,

I think you got something good here. Lots of good suggestions already too that I hope you can implement.


P.S. It would be great to have a link in your jump box back to the main uStoreKeeper Reference menu. I suspect as this forum grows more people will enter into here and then want to go to the reference page from here.
                 5. Can I use the GOTO command on a single Product ID?
                Author Mark Bishop on 02-22-2000 at 06:15 (EST)
Can I use uStoreKeeper to point to a particular Product ID, or just a category file?

I haven't tried it yet, but thought to ask now.

                         6. RE: Can I use the GOTO command on a single Product ID?
                        Author Bill Weiner on 02-22-2000 at 08:01 (EST)
Yes, you can link to a particular ID just append ?command=goto&pid=PRODUCTID onto the ustorekeeper script URL (where PRODUCTID is the products ID). For example, to link to our uStorekeeper product on our site, you can go directly to it using the following URL:

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