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uStorekeeper Print and AuthorizeNet Problems?

Knowledge Base Lobby : uStorekeeper Support Conference : Configuration Questions
Jul-23-18 11:27 AM EST
Original Message
uStorekeeper Print and AuthorizeNet Problems?
Author Bradley Edwards on 01-08-2002 at 21:03 (EST)
From what I can tell, I have the uStorekeeper script setup and working, I just have a few questions.

After placing items in the cart, and proceeding to checkout, I have three different options setup for the customer to choose from.

1. Authorize.Net
2. e-Check
3. Print Order

The e-Check button works perfect. However the other two seem to have issues but I'm not sure because this is the first time for setting up this script.

When the "Print Order" button is clicked it just takes you back to the main shopping cart entry page. Based on my experience with uShop, I would assume that it should take you to a printable receipt page.

As for the Authorize.Net button, it takes you to the correct place, where you can enter the credit card info. Once you click the submit button, the same this happens as the "Print Order" button, it takes you back to the main shopping cart entry page. Again, based on my experience with uShop, I would assume that it should present a printable receipt page. But, per my tests, the credit card seems to get processed, as I receive the e-mail from Authorize.Net showing me the test mode transaction, but the order is not recorded in the cart. When I go to read the orders, there is nothing there.

The orders are recorded with the e-check button and the cart is cleared. The orders are not recorded with the Authorize.Net button, but the cart does get cleared.

If someone could clarify these issues for me and if what it's doing is not correct, point me in the right direction as far as what to check.

If this IS the norm, is there a way to customize the script to present the customer with a printable receipt.

My Authorize.Net settings are:


Valid Browser Referrer URL:

Valid ADC or Receipt Link URL:

Receipt Link Default URL:

ADC Relay Response Default URL:

ADC Silent Response Default URL:

Thanks, in advance.
-Bradley Edwards

By the way, you can see it in action at:

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            uStorekeeper Print and AuthorizeNet Problems? Bradley Edwards, 2002-01-09 20:10:26 (2)
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Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: uStorekeeper Print and AuthorizeNet Problems?
        Author Joseph Pishgar on 01-09-2002 at 15:59 (EST)
Hello Bradley,

First and foremost, are you recieving orders in your Order Reader at all? For the Print Order and Electronic check options? If you aren't, it could be a data directory problem. Fixable by setting a path right or setting permissions correctly.

Secondly, the Print Order page should generate a printable order form instead of advancing back to the store. Have you run a diagnostic? Do the last few lines state that everything is "OK"?

If you'd like, go ahead and send a support request in ( ) and include your password and we'll take a look at it from the source.

Joseph Pishgar
Microburst Technologies, Inc.
                 2. uStorekeeper Print and AuthorizeNet Problems?
                Author Bradley Edwards on 01-09-2002 at 20:10 (EST)
Hi Joseph,

Yes, as I mentioned in my post, the e-check is the only one that IS working correctly, and when everything is completed, you are presented with a printable order form. If you follow the link back to the Shopping cart and enter again, the shopping cart is empty (as it should be) and the order DOES show up in the "Order Reader".

The print button does none of the above, and puts you back at the begining of the store.

The Authorize.Net button will take you to process the card, but then puts you back at the begining of the store with an empty cart. The credit card IS processed (I get the TEST MODE receipt from, I get the e-mail sent from uStorekeeper, but there is no order in the order reader and no printable receipt.

The diagnistics returns:

Data Directory = OK
Image Directory = OK
Sendmail = Path OK
Category Index = OK
General Settings = OK
Affiliate Info = OK
Address File = OK

If I post a support request, what do you need, FTP access or the password for the uStorekeeper Control Panel?

-Bradley Edwards
                         3. RE:uStorekeeper Print and AuthorizeNet Problems?
                        Author Joseph Pishgar on 01-10-2002 at 15:23 (EST)
Hello Bradley,

Thats a very interesting problem... can't say I've encountered it before, but I'm sure its a simple path error somewhere thats telling the script to check back on itself after the order process is finished, or something of the sort.

Submitting a support request is although, always a favorable method of obtaining technical support. Support Requests are forwarded *immediately* to the support engineers and assigned a higher priority than forum inquiries or posted issues, and are usually answered within a business day or so.

Providing the URL to your scripts and site/s allow us to diagnose them. Adding the passwords allow us to edit what settings can be setup from the control panel and diagnose the internal workings (and possible misspellings or syntax errors in the diagnostic report) while FTP information allows us to check that paths, permissions, and structure are correct.

The URL to submit a support request is-

Joseph Pishgar
Microburst Technologies, Inc.

                                 4. RE:uStorekeeper Print and AuthorizeNet Problems?
                                Author Bill Weiner on 01-10-2002 at 23:18 (EST)

The problem is related to changing the text on your buttons.

That is, by definition, uStorekeeper requires that those payment selection buttons be named exactly:

"Electronic Check"

This is because those labels get POSTed as the "command" type.

Since you renamed the "Authorize.Net" and the "Print" buttons to have multiple spaces on either side of the button label... the "command" type is unrecognizable... and thus, not performed.
                                         5. RE:uStorekeeper Print and AuthorizeNet Problems?"
                                        Author Bradley Edwards on 01-18-2002 at 18:03 (EST)
Well I finally got around to taking out the extra spaces, and it worked perfectly! Amazing how someing so simple can drive you crazy.

Anyway, I have one other question. If a customer wants to get thier own SSL Cert., is there a way that the credit card info. can be collected through the script itself on the customers side, BEFORE being sent to Authorize.Net, therefore eliminating the Authorize.Net screen all together?

Maybe, something along the line of using the regular credit card screen, but then having all the purchase info. sent to at once.

Authorize.Net told me if I could do that, their ugly gateway page would not showup at all.

It seems that everything is already there, and with a few mods, it could be done, if someone has done something like this, or could steer me in the right direction, I would be gratefull.

Thanks a Bunch!
                                                 6. RE:uStorekeeper Print and AuthorizeNet Problems?
                                                Author Bradley Edwards on 01-18-2002 at 20:25 (EST)
OK I figured a way to do it, infact it works very well. All errors are displayed in my site style and when processed, simply displays, the receipt.

I had to do some major changes to the code, but it wasn't really difficult. It would be nice if there was something to this effect already built in so you could just select it.

The way it is right now, the Authorize.Net button actually takes you to the regular CC form. and I changed all the hidden fields for the CC Form to the ones that were in the Authorize.Net place.
Then I put the code for the regular CC form in place of the Authorize.Net code.

If anyone is interested, I will try and put something together that is more clear, just send an e-mail requesting info. and when I get it finished I will post it here.
                                                         7. uStorekeeper and AuthorizeNet
                                                        Author Bradley Edwards on 01-27-2002 at 20:48 (EST)
OK, for anyone that's interested, I have some thing put together explaining what I did to uStoreKeeper to interact directly with Authorize.Net and totally bypass their ugly form.

** It is not recommended to use this mod, unless you can collect the informtaion via a secure connection. **

I was trying to post it here but, won't let me do the code, so you cat get it here;

You can get the file here

** This is only for the Authorize.Net interface, Because, that's who I use.

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