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Weight Total

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Tax, Shipping, and Handling Questions
Jul-19-18 09:44 AM EST
Original Message
Weight Total
Author ronharter on 08-21-2000 at 16:06 (EST)
I wonder if it would be possible to put a column that would show the total weight of all items in the cart on the display_cart.html page.

I could then put a link to the UPS site where the customer could compare shipping costs such as UPS ground or UPS second day air.

It would also be nice if the customer could then enter this cost as the shipping charge manually.

Ron Harter
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  RE: Weight Total Bill Weiner, 2000-08-21 16:55:28 (1)
            RE: Weight Total Bill Weiner, 2000-08-22 05:38:59 (2)
                 Remove the weight column Heather, 2001-02-16 14:57:44 (3)
                      RE: Remove the weight column Bill Weiner, 2001-02-16 15:07:30 (4)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Weight Total
        Author Bill Weiner on 08-21-2000 at 16:55 (EST)
The only option available right now is the ability to display a column with the weight for each individual item in the cart....but there is no option to display a new row with the total weight of the order at this time.

I'll add it to our future features wish list and see if we can get it into a future update.
                 2. RE: Weight Total
                Author Bill Weiner on 08-22-2000 at 05:38 (EST)
Thinking about it some more, I thought I might mention a couple custom options that you may want to look into yourself:

1) There is a JavaScript API called "getTotalWeight()" that can be used to get the total weight of the order. To use it, you would basically have to add the "uShopJSI" applet to your store pages - possibly the page with the "uShopOrderButton" applet on it - and then write a JavaScript to access the total weight via the call:


...and then display it. But again, this would have to be done on the same page as the "uShopOrderButton" applet - which is the point just before the order process begins - but not exactly the most ideal place for it.

2) The other option is to customize the script as needed. You can access the total weight in that script via the global variable:


...but I'm still not sure exactly where in the order process it would be displayed nicely such that the customer can perform a UPS rate lookup. Perhaps, just via a popup window on the order form...
                         3. Remove the weight column
                        Author Heather on 02-16-2001 at 14:57 (EST)
Hi Bill,

You guys have solved my problems on how to define certain products free shipping by entering the "subtotal table" into the "weight table" and entering the price in the weight parameter.

This works great.

Now all I have to do is remove the weight column after they "begin the order process".

How do I do that?
Am I overlooking something somewhere?
                                 4. RE: Remove the weight column
                                Author Bill Weiner on 02-16-2001 at 15:07 (EST)
You can hide the WEIGHT column after the customer "begins the order process" by setting the "cart_show_weight" parameter of the uShopOrderButton applet to "NO":

< PARAM NAME="cart_show_weight" VALUE="NO" >

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