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Weights less than a pound

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Tax, Shipping, and Handling Questions
Jul-21-18 03:34 PM EST
Original Message
Weights less than a pound
Author ronharter on 05-27-2000 at 10:24 (EST)
We sell a lot of parts that weigh less than a pound. I am assuming that the weight unit is pounds so that anything less than a pound needs to be entered as a fraction of a pound. Since most scales weigh in pounds and ounces I made this chart to make it easier than dividing the ounces by 16 every time. I tried it out and it seems to work ok. Just wanted to confirm that this is really the case and that I didn't miss something in the instructions. If this is the case then maybe this chart could be included in the manual.

If an item weighed 7oz you would enter .4375 if an item weighed 1lb 3oz you would enter 1.1875 in the applet weight parameter.

Oz Pound (fraction)
1 = 0.0625
2 = 0.125
3 = 0.1875
4 = 0.25
5 = 0.3125
6 = 0.375
7 = 0.4375
8 = 0.5
9 = 0.5625
10 = 0.625
11 = 0.6875
12 = 0.75
13 = 0.8125
14 = 0.875
15 = 0.9375
16 = 1

Ron Harter

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  RE: Weights less than a pound Bill Weiner, 2000-05-28 07:44:02 (1)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Weights less than a pound
        Author Bill Weiner on 05-28-2000 at 07:44 (EST)
Actually, the weight unit can be anything you want it to be....providing you keep the unit constant throughout your store. That is, you can give all weights in pounds...and then setup your shipping table so that the weight=price combinations are based on pounds. But you can also assume the weight unit to be anything else you want.... such as ounces or kilograms or anything! The key is just to make sure that when specifing any weights in your store...they are all given in the same unit.

So in your case, if most of your items weigh less than a pound, you may just want to give all weights in ounces. Should make things easier. Just remember that when setting up the shipping by weight, set it up based on ounces too.

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