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Shipping by_country

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Tax, Shipping, and Handling Questions
Mar-22-19 12:59 AM EST
Original Message
Shipping by_country
Author Roger on 04-27-2000 at 17:34 (EST)
My problem is exactly same as that of STEPHANIE (see index 10/27/99)
I wish to charge the shipping "by_country" or say "by_destination" & not "by_weight" or "by_subtotal" & so on
How can I do this?
Stephanie´s query was unresponded.
Please help.


Table Of Contents
  shipping Charlie Edmunds, 2000-04-27 18:38:33 (1)
            RE: Shipping by_country Bill Weiner, 2000-04-27 19:59:08 (2)
                 International Shipping stephaniebt, 2000-04-29 07:48:27 (3)
                 shipping by_country 2 Roger, 2000-04-29 09:26:46 (4)
                      RE: shipping by_country 2 Bill Weiner, 2000-04-29 12:39:10 (5)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. shipping
        Author Charlie Edmunds on 04-27-2000 at 18:38 (EST)

WE get hundreds of requests for different shipping options and unfortunately we could not accomodate all of them if we wanted to. The reason I sent Stephanie the information on shipping is that there is almost always a way to configure uShop to get the shipping charges the way you want them. For instance:

handlingtable - This parameter allows you to override the default handling rate for customers from specified countries. That is, in this parameter you can specify special handling fees for specific countries. The format should be "=, =,...". You can specify as many countries as you want. Example: "USA=$1.00,Canada=$1.00" would charge customers who live in the USA or in Canada a $1.00 handling fee. Note that the Country names should match those specified in the "countries" parameter.

This option (in uShopOrderDeluxeCGI) combined with other shipping options might accomplish what you are seeking.

Hope that helps you Roger, Charlie Edmunds

                 2. RE: Shipping by_country
                Author Bill Weiner on 04-27-2000 at 19:59 (EST)
Two other suggestions if you want to charge different shipping rates for different countries:

OPTION 1) In the "shipping" parameter, configure a different shipping table/shipping rate for each country such as:

"Standard Shipping - United States,FLAT_RATE,$5.00;
Standard Shipping - Agentina,FLAT_RATE,$7.00;
Standard Shipping - Bermuda,FLAT_RATE,$6.00;
Standard Shipping - Canada,FLAT_RATE,$5.00;
Standard Shipping - Denmark,FLAT_RATE,$8.00
....and so on....

You get the idea. And of course you don't have use FLAT_RATE for them all - you can also setup shipping tables for each one based BY_WEIGHT or BY_SUBTOTAL or BY_QUANTITY.

OPTION 2) Option 1 requires the customer to select the appropriate country when filling out the order form. You could also try setting up a page...perhaps a map of the world....and then when the customer is ready to "check out", the first thing they would do is click on the the country where they will be shipping to. From there, you can link them to different order forms that are already setup with the appropriate shipping rates.

                         3. International Shipping
                        Author stephaniebt on 04-29-2000 at 07:48 (EST)
Thank you for this information, the examples are especially helpful.
                         4. shipping by_country 2
                        Author Roger on 04-29-2000 at 09:26 (EST)
Thanks Bill,
The 2 options specified by you are of great help.

Now,Is it possible to combine both FALT_RATE by country as per your option 1 & by_weight?

e.g. I have 5 items with different weights, say 2lbs., 4lbs., & 6lbs.
shipping For Canada 2lbs.=$5.00,4lbs=$8.00,6lbs=$10.00;Denmark,2lbs=$8.00,4lbs=$12.00,6lbs=$15.00

i.e. A combination of by_country & by-weight
Can I do this?

                                 5. RE: shipping by_country 2
                                Author Bill Weiner on 04-29-2000 at 12:39 (EST)
Yes, you should be able to setup something like:

"Standard Shipping - Canada,BY_WEIGHT,2=$5.00,4=$8.00,6=$10.00,$15.00;
Standard Shipping - Denmark,BY_WEIGHT,2=$8.00,4=$12.00,6=$15.00,$20.00"

...and so...

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