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Mysql + Php + uShop (sorry i know this has been commented on a LOT)

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Programmer Tips
Jul-22-18 12:38 PM EST
Original Message
Mysql + Php + uShop (sorry i know this has been commented on a LOT)
Author Darryl Barney Jr on 08-08-2002 at 16:37 (EST)

Let me give you some background info.. I just change departments in my office, and one of my main jobs is to update this website. Well, im done with everything BUT, the uShop. Someone else made it, and im going to be converting it into a php and mysql ran system. I use to code a bit in php, and mysql.. Im not GREAT, but i know whats going on and how to figure it all out.
This is the site:

What is involved in doing this? What files would be needed to be edited? Would you recommend many tables inside the database to manage each section? Any help appreciated!! Thanks


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  RE: Mysql + Php + uShop (sorry i know this has been commented on a LOT) Bill Weiner, 2002-08-09 04:01:45 (1)

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         1. RE: Mysql + Php + uShop (sorry i know this has been commented on a LOT)
        Author Bill Weiner on 08-09-2002 at 04:01 (EST)
The key thing to remember is that the uShop Applets can be placed anywhere on any HTML page. So that means you can write your PHP such that it pulls the product data from your MySQL database and then generates the HTML pages with the uShop Applets on them.

Here are some other tips/notes that may help:

1) uShop has a variety of "Input" applets that can be used to add items to the shopping cart. You can see them in the applet reference at:

2) Note what product fields/parameters that the "Input" applets (mentioned above) have ... such as id, name, description, price, taxable, weight, etc... At a minimum, you would want your product database tables to contain those fields.

3) In your PHP, you'd probably want to make some subroutines for outputting the HTML needed for each "Input" applet you plan to use. For instance, I noticed your website uses the "uShopInput3" applet a lot, so a subroutine where you can pass it the product information from the database... and output the HTML for that applet would come in handy. Just call that subroutine as desired when generating the HTML for each page in your store.

4) Usually the recommended CODEBASE setting for the applets is:


However, when the HTML pages are dynamically being generated by something like PHP, it is often recommended to use the FULL URL of your "classes" directory as your CODEBASE setting. Such as:


The codebase setting is described further at:

Hopefully these tips will help.

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