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sub-totals that should not be charged shipping

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Programmer Tips
Jul-17-18 07:19 AM EST
Original Message
sub-totals that should not be charged shipping
Author Chris Duffy on 02-28-2001 at 21:27 (EST)
I need to find a way to separate out items that are not shipped, such as donations and conference registrations. Any suggestions?

Also I do not want the discount applied to these items.

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  RE: sub-totals that should not be charged shipping Bill Weiner, 2001-03-01 06:02:48 (1)
            now the discount Chris Duffy, 2001-03-01 07:43:38 (2)
                 RE: now the discount Bill Weiner, 2001-03-01 08:26:06 (3)
                      The Discount Chris Duffy, 2001-03-03 10:21:00 (4)
                           RE: The Discount Bill Weiner, 2001-03-05 06:20:08 (5)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: sub-totals that should not be charged shipping
        Author Bill Weiner on 03-01-2001 at 06:02 (EST)
What sort of "discount" are you referring to? Please provide more info on what you are looking for.


Are you just looking for a way to not include those "non-shipped" items when determining the shipping cost?

If you just don't want the shipping calculation to include items that are not shipped... then there are a couple different ways to go about that based on your desired shipping calculation method. Here are a few suggestions:

1) If determining shipping based on the total WEIGHT of the order .. then you can just mark those items that are not shipped as having a "0" weight.

2) If determining shipping based on subtotal, then as a simple (but effective) trick .. you can set the WEIGHT of each item that is shipped to be equal the price of the product... and set the WEIGHT of the products that are not shipped to be "0". You can then use the shipping by weight shipping calculations instead of the shipping by subtotal calculations... and the items marked as "0" weight will not be included. Note that you can also hide the WEiGHT column in the shopping cart to keep people from getting confused as to why the WEIGHT of each product is equal to the price of each product.

3) Or as a third suggestion, you may be able to use the "shipping_modifier" parameter for all items... basically specifing the shipping charges for each individual item and not using a shipping calculation at the end.

4) Or as another suggestion, as of version 3.4, you can set the "shipping_modifier" of non-shipped items to be negative values... so you may be able to use that to offset any shipping charges that are calculated at the end.
                 2. now the discount
                Author Chris Duffy on 03-01-2001 at 07:43 (EST)
Thanks, these have all helped. I just got my client to switch to "by weight" so that will fix the shipping problem.

The discount is an across the board discount applied on the "order-template" for members.

But we need to do it differently, I guess, so that we can apply the discount to only items that are shipped.

Thanks for all your help!
                         3. RE: now the discount
                        Author Bill Weiner on 03-01-2001 at 08:26 (EST)
It sounds like you may be able to accomplish that like this:

STEP 1: Specify a "classification" for all items that are shipped, such as:

< PARAM NAME="classification" VALUE="SHIPPED" >

STEP 2: Use the "uShopDiscount2" applet to configure a discount for all products of typed "SHIPPED"... .such as:

< PARAM NAME="discount_table" VALUE="SHIPPED=10%" >

See the uShop Applet Reference for more information on using the uShopDiscount2 applet:
                                 4. The Discount
                                Author Chris Duffy on 03-03-2001 at 10:21 (EST)
But the discount is not applied to non-members. So it is more like a discount coupon. Could I use a tax modifier apply a negative amount? Or can you apply the discount only if it is chosen by a shopper?
                                         5. RE: The Discount
                                        Author Bill Weiner on 03-05-2001 at 06:20 (EST)
You could put the uShopDiscount applet on a separate HTML page .... so that the customer has to "choose" to link that page in order to get the discount.

Or you could put the uShopDiscount applet on a separate HTML page ... by which only members have access to.

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