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Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Programmer Tips
Jul-20-18 02:59 AM EST
Original Message
Author Peter A on 01-29-2001 at 07:02 (EST)
Im trying to get uShop (3) to work with an access database and ASP. I have included all the applet code in the database, one line for each applet. That is, im retrieving all the code for each applet for every item to show. Is there an easier way to get it to work??

Great support you have here! :)


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  RE: ASP Bill Weiner, 2001-01-29 16:13:20 (1)
            Re Peter, 2001-01-30 08:12:52 (2)
                 RE: Re Bill Weiner, 2001-01-31 06:15:57 (3)
                      Re Peter G, 2001-02-01 03:17:32 (4)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: ASP
        Author Bill Weiner on 01-29-2001 at 16:13 (EST)
Hmmm.... So your storing the actual HTML in your access database? I would suggest just storing the product information in your database.... and then generate the HTML for the applets dynamically with ASP. Perhaps your ASP can determine which uShop applet to use based on the number of option lists required by the product. Note that I'm really not an expert with ASP, but I do know this is how some other users have implemented their own database interface.

I hope this answers your question.... If not and/or if I misunderstood the question, please let me know.

PS. Thanks for the nice compliment :^)
                 2. Re
                Author Peter on 01-30-2001 at 08:12 (EST)
I do not have all the HTML code in the database. Only the code between the tags.
However it is a lot of code. I would like only the price, name etc. in the dbase.
                         3. RE: Re
                        Author Bill Weiner on 01-31-2001 at 06:15 (EST)
Yes, I agree. Are you currently using ASP to pull the data out of the database? If so, then can't you just pull the price, name, and other fields from the database...and then handle all of the HTML generation with ASP? That is, pull the "price" field from the database and then have ASP add the < PARAM NAME="price" .... And pull the "name" field from the database and then have ASP add the < PARAM NAME="name" ... and so on...
                                 4. Re
                                Author Peter G on 02-01-2001 at 03:17 (EST)
Yes, of course. Im a beginner with asp so im still experimenting. I have tried what you suggested and it works fine. Thanx.........

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