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Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Programmer Tips
Jul-21-18 11:03 PM EST
Original Message
Author Roger on 04-10-2000 at 16:39 (EST)
I am using the Spanish version of uShop.
I have changed the money_sign of the all the applets used, from default "Ptas" to "Euro".
But at the uShopCart I still keep on getting the "Ptas". I appreciate your concern.

Table Of Contents
  money sign Charlie Edmunds, 2000-04-10 20:06:01 (1)
            RE: money_sign Bill Weiner, 2000-04-11 09:18:37 (2)
                 Euro money_sign Roger, 2000-04-27 18:43:44 (3)
                      RE: Euro money_sign Bill Weiner, 2000-04-27 20:26:11 (4)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. money sign
        Author Charlie Edmunds on 04-10-2000 at 20:06 (EST)

Are you sure you changed it in all the ushopCarts on your site? If you changed one but not the other it would cause the problem that you are having.

Charlie Edmunds
Microburst Technologies
                 2. RE: money_sign
                Author Bill Weiner on 04-11-2000 at 09:18 (EST)
Also make sure that the shopping cart applet (with the changed money_sign parameter) is on a page that will be viewed by the customer BEFORE the customer actually adds anything to the shopping cart. This is because the new money_sign setting will not take effect until the customer has viewed a page with the uShopCart applet on it at least once. So if not using the typical small cart in a separate frame in your store, just make sure that there is some version of the shopping cart applet on your store's main entrance page. (Use a WIDTH of 2 and a HEIGHT of 2 if you want to hide it).

FYI: All of the international versions also have a separate euro_rate parameter that you may be interested in. See the "Euro Rate" parameter link on the uShopCart reference page in the applet reference of your internation version of uShop.
                         3. Euro money_sign
                        Author Roger on 04-27-2000 at 18:43 (EST)
Bill, I did exactly as per instructions. i inserted a 2x2 applet here>
observe a dot just below the US Flag. After visiting this page with the uShopCart applet, please go to shop something at
after clicking one of the "Comprar" buttons, wait for pop-up menu & then click the Cart image
you get the UShopCart with the annoying Ptas. sign (although aside the sub-total Euro appears correctly)
Even the Order confirmation by E-Mail is received this way.
I appreciate your concern.
                                 4. RE: Euro money_sign
                                Author Bill Weiner on 04-27-2000 at 20:26 (EST)
The problem is that you must change the money_sign before the customer adds any items to the cart. You can verify this now by going to your "view cart" page and then adding an item.... By viewing the cart first, the money_sign change takes effect before the item is added to the cart.

So that is why I said to add the cart to your main entrance page at:

But you did not set the money_sign parameter on that shopping cart. Add the money_sign parameter to the cart on your catalog.htm page and that will correct the problem.

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