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Ushop State Field/Order Items

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Programmer Tips
Jul-16-18 10:20 AM EST
Original Message
Ushop State Field/Order Items
Author BarryGreen on 01-26-2000 at 07:22 (EST)
Can anyone help please?

1. Is there anyway of running the payment section without the state field. When I try and delete this the script will not run. The state filed is redundant surely when you are outside the USA?

2. If you have completed the order form and a mistake has been made, is there a way to edit the order form on-line. Or is the only way to select the item and hit 'remove' then re-enter the correct amount.

Many Thanks

Barry Green

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  order form questions charlie edmunds, 2000-01-26 19:14:54 (1)

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         1. order form questions
        Author charlie edmunds on 01-26-2000 at 19:14 (EST)
Unfortunately you can't delete fields from the order form however, you can change the options within the state field.

You are correct on item number 2.

Sorry I was not more help.

Charlie Edmunds
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