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Multiple Parts to Single Product

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Programmer Tips
Jul-19-18 01:25 AM EST
Original Message
Multiple Parts to Single Product
Author kepitech on 04-25-2002 at 17:31 (EST)
My product consists of two parts. First, choose from among ten options, then choose from 30 options. Right now I have them choose from each set individually and have coded the first as $0.00, the second as $14.00. There are two entries in the shopping cart but I would really like only one entry with the price $14.00.

Are there any examples of doing this I can look at?

Is it possible to somehow link the two, for instance, to keep the first option in memory when going to choose the second option?

On a further note, there are actually two separate groups of the first option, the second option can only go with one of the first set of options. Is it possible to link those? So right now the first option in Group A can be chosen and then a second option in Group B.

Thank you very much for any advice or suggestions.

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  RE: Multiple Parts to Single Product Bill Weiner, 2002-04-25 22:21:36 (1)
            Howabout on different web pages kepitech, 2002-04-26 01:49:43 (2)
                 RE: Howabout on different web pages Bill Weiner, 2002-04-26 04:58:08 (3)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Multiple Parts to Single Product
        Author Bill Weiner on 04-25-2002 at 22:21 (EST)
I checked in our archives and we had a JavaScript Example (that interfaces with uShop, of course)... by which the options in the second option list are dependent on which item is selected in the first option list.

So I went ahead and posted that example on our developers page:

(See the 04/25/2002 posting)
                 2. Howabout on different web pages
                Author kepitech on 04-26-2002 at 01:49 (EST)
That looks great, thank you very much!!!!! that will help me very much.

Now howabout this situation:

The first option is on one page, the second on the next page.

on the first page, there are ten icons, the user will click on one of those to make the selection.

then the user selects one of five secondary pages. On each page are ten icons to make the second selection.

Is that possible too?

Thank you!
                         3. RE: Howabout on different web pages
                        Author Bill Weiner on 04-26-2002 at 04:58 (EST)
Actually, that can be done with regular HTML and the regular uShop applets. Such as:

STEP 1: On the first page, just use regular HTML to link each of the ten icons to one of ten different secondary pages.

STEP 2: Then on each of the 10 secondary HTML pages, simply put ten of the uShopInput2 applets ... each one corresponding to the 10 secondary options ... and each with the "description" parameter hardcoded to reflect the option that was selected on the first page.

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