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Mac OS X with Netscape 7

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Problems with trying to Place Orders
Jul-21-18 03:36 PM EST
Original Message
Mac OS X with Netscape 7
Author Nancy Bohs on 01-16-2003 at 09:18 (EST)
A customer using Mac OS X (release 2.3) with Netscape 7 (Java enabled)on a 500MHz Power PC G4 reports that the order process hangs on the Please Wait message after clicking on the Place Order button. He is not using a software firewall. Any other reports of this, or ideas about display_cart vs. display_cart2 for this class of user? I don't have access to a Mac with OS X and Netscape.


Table Of Contents
  RE: Mac OS X with Netscape 7 Bill Weiner, 2003-01-17 06:54:51 (1)
            Same thing here ... AlexW, 2003-01-26 14:17:12 (2)
                 RE: Same thing here ... Bill Weiner, 2003-01-28 06:17:46 (3)
                      More Ordering Problems w/Mac Brian Levine, 2003-02-13 06:33:01 (4)
                           More Reports of Problems Brian Levine, 2003-02-14 08:45:36 (5)
                                Anyone working on this? Brian Levine, 2003-02-18 10:51:14 (6)
                                     RE: Mac OS X with Netscape 7 - looking for testing volunteers Microburst Support Team, 2003-02-18 16:00:42 (7)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Mac OS X with Netscape 7
        Author Bill Weiner on 01-17-2003 at 06:54 (EST)
No, we haven't had any other reports of problems with Netscape 7 on the Mac OS yet... but we ourselves haven't done any official testing with that newer browser and the Mac OS yet either, so we'll try to check into it.
                 2. Same thing here ...
                Author AlexW on 01-26-2003 at 14:17 (EST)
Any word on what's causing this error with the above? We're getting reports too!

                         3. RE: Same thing here ...
                        Author Bill Weiner on 01-28-2003 at 06:17 (EST)
No, but we'll look into it.
                                 4. More Ordering Problems w/Mac
                                Author Brian Levine on 02-13-2003 at 06:33 (EST)
I've also received some complaints along this line. Here's one of them:

i attempted to place an order but the shopping cart wouldnt work. I have mac os X (10.2.3) with the latest software and java - but it gave me the "please wait" page for.. 15 minutes (i was eating lunch waitng for it to load).

I think that this one is going to need to be looked at.
                                         5. More Reports of Problems
                                        Author Brian Levine on 02-14-2003 at 08:45 (EST)
I've gotten 2 more complaints from people unable to complete the order using a Mac and Netscape. Any status?
                                                 6. Anyone working on this?
                                                Author Brian Levine on 02-18-2003 at 10:51 (EST)
Been about 3 weeks since this thread was responded to. Anyone working on it?
                                                         7. RE: Mac OS X with Netscape 7 - looking for testing volunteers
                                                        Author Microburst Support Team on 02-18-2003 at 16:00 (EST)
Patrick Beard, lead developer of the MRJPluginCarbon software, updated the MRJPluginCarbon 1.0 Java plugin for Mac OS X
to version 1.0.1 to provide compatibility with Mac OS X 10.2 and later.

But "unlike Netscape 6, Netscape 7 includes the MRJPluginCarbon inside the Netscape package itself, rather than accessing it through the Internet Plugins folder in the Mac OS X Library. The version of the plugin that is included with Netscape 7 for Mac OS X is still version 1.0. Hence, flaky compatibility for Mac OS X 10.2."

You can find this information and details on how to install the latest MRJPluginCarbon inside of Netscape from this link:

We are looking for Mac volunteers to try this out and let us know the results...

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