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addProduct API occasionally doesn't add items

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Problems with trying to Place Orders
Jul-22-18 12:41 AM EST
Original Message
addProduct API occasionally doesn't add items
Author David Futcher on 03-13-2003 at 22:04 (EST)
Have there been any known problems with some users not being able to add items via the uShopJSI addProduct API? For some users, the items are sometimes not being added to their carts.

The biggest problem is that the client who owns the site is one of those who sometimes can't get it to work! At the same time, I can sit at my machine and everything works fine.

One page we've seen this happen on is . Is this an isolated problem, or maybe a simple small typo on my part?

We've used uShop for several years, and are looking forward to the new release. Thanks for your support!


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  RE: addProduct API occasionally doesn't add items Bill Weiner, 2003-03-14 06:44:02 (1)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: addProduct API occasionally doesn't add items
        Author Bill Weiner on 03-14-2003 at 06:44 (EST)
Usually, if there are any problems using the uShopJSI API.... the problem is related to the JavaScript calling the API. That is, some browsers are more forgiving about errors in JavaScript than other browsers.... and in some cases, the actually functionality of JavaScripts differs from one browser type to another. So when using the uShopJSI, it is best to test your JavaScripts out on the various browser you want to support.

Now usually if the problem is related to a specific JavaScript, the problem is constantly repeatable when using that same OS/browser. Do you know if the client is using the same (or a different) OS/browser when seeing the error?

Also, what is the actual error that he is seeing? Does the item just not appear in the cart? Or from looking at your site, I see you popup an "alert()" window once an item is added...Does he always see the alert() window after pressing the "buy now" button?

If the item occasionally does not appear in the cart, then that could be related to your codebase setting. I see your uShopJSI codebase is currently set to the full URL of your classes ( while your uShopCart and uShopInitialize applets have a relative codebase setting (/u3/classes/). Although the codebase paths resolve to the same directory on your server, some browsers may not interpret them to be the same... so the recommended thing is to use the EXACT same codebase setting for all of your applets... And since you are dynamically generating the page from PHP, it would be safest to just use the full URL as the codebase of all of your applets ... including your "display_cart.html" page. (See for more information on that.) Note: If the codebase was the problem, however, the problem would be consistent with the browser type being used. So if the problem is randomly occurring on the same OS/browser... then you're codebase is probably not the problem.

If the problem is that occassionally nothing appears to happen when pressing the "buy now" button.... and not even your alert() window is displayed.... then that points to a possible problem in the JavaScript. I took a brief look at your addProduct() JavaScripts ... and they look Ok.... Although, I think ideally you need a semicolon at the end of your alert() function calls ... but I don't think that is really a problem.

Anyway, check the above two items out... and if you don't notice anything, see if you can provide more information about:

1) What is actually the problem being seen (item not adding to cart, no action at all after pressing the "buy now" button, etc.)?

2) What browser(s) are being used when the problem is being seen?

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