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OrderReader template

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Problems with trying to Place Orders
Jul-22-18 03:07 AM EST
Original Message
OrderReader template
Author kusuma on 08-05-2000 at 16:14 (EST)
In the control panel, under miscl., there is order reader field, what is the correct answer for that field. The reason being is that I am unable to view the test order data in my data directory. thanks


Table Of Contents
  OrderReader template ronharter, 2000-08-05 20:10:26 (1)
            order reader not working kusuma, 2000-08-05 20:54:34 (2)
                 RE: order reader not working Bill Weiner, 2000-08-06 08:00:42 (3)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. OrderReader template
        Author ronharter on 08-05-2000 at 20:10 (EST)
If your using the default templates it should say:

                 2. order reader not working
                Author kusuma on 08-05-2000 at 20:54 (EST)
i have had that setup right then. But how come it is not working. I had some test order data, but i could not retrieve nor delete the data from the order reader control panel.

what should i do ?

                         3. RE: order reader not working
                        Author Bill Weiner on 08-06-2000 at 08:00 (EST)
When you go to the "Order Reader" panel, does the panel successfully show the list of order files? That is, if you placed two test orders, on that control panel page it should say "Total Order Files: 2" and the two order files should be listed in the drop-down menu.

1) Is that part working correctly?

2) And is the only problem that when you press the "Read Order" button, nothing shows up?

3) Do you get any error messages when you press the "Read Order" button and/or is anything displayed?

The "Order Reader Template" field on "Misc Settings" form should indeed be:


(the same name used for the "Order Form Template" field on "Order Form Settings".)

If you do properly have the "Order Reader Template" field set to "order_template.html" and that is the same template file you have specified for the "Order Form Settings".... then the problem may have to do with your "Receipt Page Footer HTML" field setting... that is, make sure any custom HTML you entered there is formatted properly and has any necessary closing HTML tags. In fact, just to eliminate that option, don't put anything in that "Receipt Page Footer HTML" field for now and see if the problem is corrected.

Otherwise, it would probably be easiest to just submit a support request at:

With your password so that I can just take a look at it and see the problem myself.

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