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Order Notifications Not Sent

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Problems with trying to Place Orders
Jul-17-18 07:33 AM EST
Original Message
Order Notifications Not Sent
Author jill on 10-21-1999 at 12:43 (EST)
This is to follow up on email that I've sent.

Three questions have come up:

#1. The system is installed and working beautifully for *most* of our
users. However, it appears that some orders are being placed.. but the
order notification is not being sent to my client (and me). When the user then
follows up on the order (i.e. that its late and they are pissed), they
then provide the order number.. and we look it up on the server and,
yes, it's there. Order notifications are sent with some users but not
others. Any idea on why this could be happening?

#2. Is it possible for us to daily scan the orders directory... to see
if we can find orders that we missed? This is the weird part. When I
first installed USHOP on my system, I could read the contents of the
cgi-bin with my ftp program. But, now that I have two paid versions, my
FTP will open the "orders" directory.. but it won't show the actual
contents of the order bin. It looks empty. Yet, when we place an order
number in the order reader, it always pulls the order.

Is there an applet that will allow the contents of the orders directory
to be scanned?

We anxiously await your feedback. The scripts can be found at:

Please e-mail your response to

Jill O.


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  order notification Curtis, 1999-10-22 14:12:13 (1)
  Order Notifications Not Sent Charlie Edmunds, 1999-10-22 18:43:54 (2)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. order notification
        Author Curtis on 10-22-1999 at 14:12 (EST)
Jill, I am sure you have done this, but all I can think of is double checking your perl script to make sure you are sending email to the store owner at store_email and make sure you are using "" before "@".
         2. Order Notifications Not Sent
        Author Charlie Edmunds on 10-22-1999 at 18:43 (EST)

It looks like you worked out your problem with your host. Let me know if you need any more help.

Charlie Edmunds
Project Manager
Microburst Technologies, Inc.

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