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Unknown Order Page

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Problems with trying to Place Orders
Jul-22-18 08:41 AM EST
Original Message
Unknown Order Page
Author TomD on 02-23-2000 at 18:47 (EST)
When I click on my "secure order" button the page that returns is as follows:

unable to locate order page

Any Ideas?
BTW my ISP has the heirarchy of my site as:
my CGI-BIN is not a sub of htpdocs...
Hope someone can help...


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  Unknown order page edmunds, 2000-02-23 20:47:14 (1)

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         1. Unknown order page
        Author edmunds on 02-23-2000 at 20:47 (EST)
This error may occur when setting up the uShopOrderButtonCGI applet to transfer shopping cart data from you public server to your secure server. It is caused when the order page cannot be found on the secure server. To correct this there are a couple things to check:

Did you put the order page on your secure server?
You must put the order.html page or the order.template page on your secure server so that the CGI script can read it when transferring data to the secure server.

Is the order_page parameter of the uShopOrderButtonCGI applet correct?
This order_page parameter must be specified as path to the order page on your secure server. You can specify this path as a relative path to the CGI script on the secure server such as:

or as the full directory path of the order page on your secure server such as:

You may need to ask your web hosting provider what the full path to your directory is....It will be something like /usr/local/htdocs or /www/htdocs.

NOTE: DO NOT specify the order_page parameter as the URL of your order page.

As a final option, and perhaps the easiest, you can just put your order page into the same directory as your CGI script on your secure server then set the order_page parameter of the uShopOrderButtonCGI applet to:

Where order.template is the name of your order page.

Charlie Edmunds
Project Manager
Microburst Technologies, Inc.

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