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Really having problems

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Problems with trying to Place Orders
Jul-21-18 04:03 AM EST
Original Message
Really having problems
Author Mike on 02-15-2000 at 21:02 (EST)
Here's the deal. I have the cart running perfectly when orders are placed with the Netscape browser. All emails are sent and the order file is generated and put on the server.

The problem is when I try to place an order with Internet Explorer 5, the script doesn't execute on the first attempt.

Using IE5, I fill out the order form and click "Send Order" and it instantaneously gives me a page that says "The Page Cannot Be Displayed." It loads this page so fast that it seems as if I'm not even connected to the internet. Anyway, when I click "Back" on the browser, it returns me to the order form which is still filled out. I click "Send Order" again and then it goes through. Why does it work only on the second time? With Netscape, it works great. Also, I tried placing orders on other computers and the script just hangs after clicking "Send Order." Any sugestions?

Somebody please help me out by checking out my script and try to place an order. The address is Let me know if you have the same problem placing an order using IE5.

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  RE: Really having problems Bill Weiner, 2000-02-16 08:20:26 (1)
            Here's what I changed... Mike, 2000-02-16 17:10:34 (2)
                 Problems charlie edmunds, 2000-02-16 19:25:33 (3)
                      Good News and Bad News Mike, 2000-02-17 14:50:52 (4)
                           news charlie edmunds, 2000-02-17 18:13:32 (5)
                                THANKS!!! Mike, 2000-02-17 19:59:51 (6)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Really having problems
        Author Bill Weiner on 02-16-2000 at 08:20 (EST)
I just tried to place a test order on your site with IE5 and that appeared to work fine. (You should have just received a test order....I got the receipt here).

But I went ahead and took a look at your HTML anyway.

The code of your secure order button looks fine.

The only concern I have is the JavaScript that you have to catch mouse events (and prevent visitors from visiting your source). Perhaps this JavaScript mouse button event handler is affecting the mouse button on IE 5 in a weird way. You may want to try removing that.

Otherwise, as I mentioned, it just worked fine for me with IE 5. Perhaps it is a caching thing. Usually if you get such an immediate response (like it didn't even try to contact your server) is due to an older HTML page being cached.
                 2. Here's what I changed...
                Author Mike on 02-16-2000 at 17:10 (EST)
Hello Bill. I've removed the mouse button event handler on both the secure order page and the page with the ushop_orderimagebuttoncgi.class. The IE browser still responds the same way.

I also tried clearing my cache and restarting many times before I wrote you but that didn't work either. Placing orders with Netscape still works great but IE won't execute the cgi script on the first try. If I click refresh, then it will go through.

Also, my partner used his computer (using IE) and it hung up after clicking the order image button. He also used a computer at the University (using Netscape) and it hung up after clicking "Send Order."

Why would we be getting all of these different responses using different computers? Shouldn't the error be the same if it was a script problem? Any other suggestions as to what I could do to fix these errors?

Thank you very much,
Michael Bui
                         3. Problems
                        Author charlie edmunds on 02-16-2000 at 19:25 (EST)

For the last two nights I have not been able to bring up your order page. Both Netscape and IE. The browser just sits and after about 5 minutes I get a network error. Are you able to get the copyright message when going to

I'm able to get items into the cart and then see the contents of the cart but when I click on the secure order page it never loads.

Charlie Edmunds
                                 4. Good News and Bad News
                                Author Mike on 02-17-2000 at 14:50 (EST)
I received a reply from support at my ISP, Prohosting, saying that it was a "problem on their end" but not saying exactly what it was. They said it should be working now. Some computers I try the cart on still get hung up.

Oh yeah, I do get the copyright message when typing in the secure path for the cgi script. Could you try it now?

                                         5. news
                                        Author charlie edmunds on 02-17-2000 at 18:13 (EST)

I'm able to get the copyright notice off the secure server now. I also was able to place an order, and got my receipt. You should have the test order. I'm using IE5.

If you are still having problems, try to get very specific information. OS's, broswer make/version, etc.

Charlie Edmunds
Microburst Technolgies, Inc.
                                                 6. THANKS!!!
                                                Author Mike on 02-17-2000 at 19:59 (EST)
Looks like everything is working!

You guys have been a great help with the setup. I really appreciated the custom script you modified for me last year for the NT server I used to be on. Your support is outstanding and using uShop has been wonderful.

Thanks for everything,

© 2003 Microburst Technologies, Inc.