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Ushop- Email orders

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : General Questions
Jul-16-18 10:18 AM EST
Original Message
Ushop- Email orders
Author Mark Weber on 01-16-2002 at 10:01 (EST)
Is it possible to set up Ushop to send us orders via email. We do not want to set up payment options for the customer on the web site, we just want to be able to take the order and then send them an invoice later. How do I accomplish this. Thank you!!

Mark Weber
Coastal Pet Products, Inc.
Web Site Coordinator

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  You should be able to do this Matt, 2002-01-16 10:41:52 (1)
            RE: You should be able to do this Joseph Pishgar, 2002-01-16 13:41:17 (2)

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         1. You should be able to do this
        Author Matt on 01-16-2002 at 10:41 (EST)
EXCEPTION-I think if you have the trial version

You should be able to do this by going into your script, clicking on General Settings > Payment Options. Set your Contact Me option to yes. It should include all the pertinent information to process the customers order...At least that's what I do. You'll need to contact them to get payment information though.

Hope this helped... I'm not with Ushop though
                 2. RE: You should be able to do this
                Author Joseph Pishgar on 01-16-2002 at 13:41 (EST)
Hello Mark,

Matt is correct. Thanks and kudos, Matt!

Though remember, no *sensitive* billing information will ever be sent via e-mail as e-mail is unsecure. You can view all of the "Contact Me" type of orders in the secure Order Reader, and contact the customer afterwards with an invoice.

Joseph Pishgar
Microburst Technologies, Inc.

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