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$ sign won't go away at order form,

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : General Questions
Jul-22-18 12:31 AM EST
Original Message
$ sign won't go away at order form,
Author Marcel Emmen on 02-24-2001 at 15:46 (EST)
I have put everywhere a other default money sign hfl It shows everywhere ok, except when i go to the checkout order_form which is generate by ushop.cgi then below the order information the ordering info is showing in the price field $ 129,- and also in the subtotal, tax, handling and total field.

at the uShopInitialize.class i have define
currency_symbol" VALUE="hfl"

What do a not see or have i forgotten?


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  RE: $ sign won't go away at order form, Bill Weiner, 2001-02-25 08:33:33 (1)

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         1. RE: $ sign won't go away at order form,
        Author Bill Weiner on 02-25-2001 at 08:33 (EST)
In addition to changing the currency_symbol via the uShopInitialize applet, you will also have to make a change to the "" file. That is, near the top of the "" file you will see the following line:

$lang_currency_symbol = '$';

Change that line to:

$lang_currency_symbol = 'hfl';

And that should do it.

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