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authorizenet referer

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : General Questions
Jul-22-18 12:38 AM EST
Original Message
authorizenet referer
Author pec on 11-09-2000 at 16:02 (EST)
I'm having a problem with authorizenet. In the setup for authorizenet it asks for referring urls
that will be excepted. I have used both my url and the secure url that I post from
but everytime it tries to post to authorizenet's secure server it says "invalid referrer url"
authorizenet has been less than helpfull. does anyone have the full referring url for authorizenet


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  RE: authorizenet referer Bill Weiner, 2000-11-09 18:21:11 (1)

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         1. RE: authorizenet referer
        Author Bill Weiner on 11-09-2000 at 18:21 (EST)
Since we use Authorize.Net ourselves, I logged into our control panel and on the "Manage URLs" settings page, we currently only have these three items "checked":

- Valid ADC or Receipt Link URL
- Receipt Link Default URL
- ADC Relay Response Default URL

... So maybe check that.

Also, in the uShop CGI script itself, make sure that you have configuration question #4 set to:

$secure_script_url = "";


ONE LAST NOTE: To narrow down the problem between your Authorize.Net account or your script, you may want to try using these test settings in the Authorize.Net Payment portion of the uShop Control Panel:

Authorize.Net URL:
Merchant ID: testing
Address Verification: True
Test Mode: True

These are the same setting we use for our demo at:

("testing" is just a Merchant ID for testing).

... and if those work for you... then the problem probably is your Authorize.Net account setup. So they may need to help you out there.


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