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New Applet Needed!

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Future Features WishList
Jul-23-18 11:33 AM EST
Original Message
New Applet Needed!
Author Ray on 02-04-2000 at 14:26 (EST)
I need an applet that will allow the customer to purchase ANY quanity of items, and still allow for different price classes. For example: if the price classes were:
25-50 is $5
51-99 $4.50 each

I need an applet that will let the customer by 37 items, and have it calculate the right price. All the applets I have only allow a whole lot.

I need it for

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  Easily resolved Harvey, 2000-02-04 20:49:08 (1)
  new applet needed charlie edmunds, 2000-02-04 21:54:06 (2)
            Not shipping, ordering SwedBear, 2000-02-13 06:41:21 (3)
                 thats exactly what I need - AND one addition Henry, 2000-04-10 03:58:25 (4)
  New applet Charlie Edmunds, 2000-04-10 16:59:00 (5)
            uShopInputQuantityPrice5 Bill Weiner, 2000-04-11 16:37:59 (6)
                 german uShopInputMenuOption1_de Henry, 2000-04-17 03:29:03 (7)
                      customization request Charlie Edmunds, 2000-04-17 19:40:24 (8)
                           RE: customization request Henry, 2000-04-18 01:53:33 (9)
                                RE: customization request Henry, 2000-04-18 03:19:06 (10)
                 Applet don't work! Sean, 2000-05-04 16:46:22 (11)
                      Yes it does, Sean, 2000-05-04 17:03:07 (12)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. Easily resolved
        Author Harvey on 02-04-2000 at 20:49 (EST)
Just make a poduct called "50 pack of pens" and price it at $225. Problem solved.

"I need, I need"

What you NEED to do is learn how to spell!
         2. new applet needed
        Author charlie edmunds on 02-04-2000 at 21:54 (EST)

I'm unclear on exactly what you are needing. uShop is very flexible in it's shipping options. If you are creative you can cover just about any method that you need. This is some shipping configuration information that may help you.

uShop Shipping Setup


Admittedly, the shipping parameter is one of the more difficult parameters to setup in the uShopOrder applets. However, once you understand the format of the parameter, you will be able to setup almost any type of Shipping Method/Calculation.

Shipping Name

The shipping name can be anything you want to call the shipping method. For example, you can name the shipping method "UPS", "FED EX", or whatever you want to call it.

Calculation Method

The calculation method can be one of four values:
"FLAT RATE" - If you want to specify a flat rate to charge for shipping.
"BY_SUBTOTAL" - If you want to calculate shipping based on the product subtotal.
"BY_QUANTITY" - If you want to calculate shipping based on the total quantity of items.
"BY_WEIGHT" - If you want to calculate shipping based on the product weight. (If you use "BY_WEIGHT" you should be sure to specify the "WEIGHT" parameter in all of your product input applets.)

Shipping Table

The shipping table is a list of value=rate pairs separated by commas and can best be described in an example.

Suppose you want to calculate shipping base on the subtotal and the shipping table is specified as:


This table would be interpreted as: for orders with subtotals between $0.00 and $10.00, shipping is $1.00, for orders with subtotals between $10.00 and $20.00, shipping is $2.00, for orders with subtotals between $20.00 and $30.00, shipping is $3.00, and for all subtotals greater than $30.00, shipping is $4.00.

If you were to use the same shipping table to calculate shipping based on weight, the table would be interpreted as: for orders with weight totaling between 0 and 10, shipping is $1.00, for orders with weight totaling between 10 and 20, shipping is $2.00, for orders with weight totaling between 20 and 30, shipping is $3.00, and for all orders with weight totaling more than 30, shipping is $4.00.


The shipping parameter is made by putting the Shipping Name, Calculation Method, and Shipping Table together in one comma separated string. As an example:

This shipping parameter would be interpreted as: Call this shipping method "UPS", Calculate the shipping based on "SUBTOTAL", and for subtotals up to $20 charge $5.00 shipping, for subtotals up to $35 charge $7.00 shipping, for subtotals up to $50 charge $10.00 shipping, and for subtotals greater than $50 charge $15.00 shipping.


You can specify multiple shipping methods/calculations by just separating each one with a semicolon (;).

NOTE: DO NOT include a semicolon after the last shipping option.


Charlie Edmunds
Microburst Technologies, Inc.
                 3. Not shipping, ordering
                Author SwedBear on 02-13-2000 at 06:41 (EST)
HI Charlie. I think you missunderstood what he was after. He has the same problem I have at my fathers site ( - the cart is still being worked on so it's not online).

It's not the shipping that this is about. It's the ordering of different quantities.

We also want to be able to allow our customers to buy nametags in whatever quantity they like.

1-10 would cost 1 SEK each.
11-20 would cost 0.85 SEK each
21-30 would cost 0.75 SEK each

As it is now I had to set up the form using uShopInputQuantityPrice4_se.class and setting up quantities of 5@1 SEK, 10@1SEK,15@0.85SEK etc.

The problem here is that I have to define quantities that they can buy instead of being able to set up a form where they can enter the quantity they like (let's say 13) and then the applet sees that between 10 and 20 each nametag costs 0.85. Actually I would like a applet that works just like the shipping applet you were talking about but instead works for ordering different quantities at different prices.

I hope I haven't confused you even more with my explanation :).
                         4. thats exactly what I need - AND one addition
                        Author Henry on 04-10-2000 at 03:58 (EST)

for this (qty dependent prices) it would be nice to have an optional display field in which the calculated actual price/piece (dependent on the selected item AND the selected qty) is shown.

Did I add some more to the confusion ?
         5. New applet
        Author Charlie Edmunds on 04-10-2000 at 16:59 (EST)

Have you filled out a customization request?

Charlie Edmunds
                 6. uShopInputQuantityPrice5
                Author Bill Weiner on 04-11-2000 at 16:37 (EST)
I believe Ray did fill out a customization request a while ago and I was slow getting him the new applet. Anyway, I just sent it to him.

FYI: The new applet that was created was called uShopInputQuantityPrice5 and can be previewed at:

For that example, the quantity/price relation was setup as in the following table:

0 - 9 : $8.00 each
10 - 19 : $7.50 each
20 - 29 : $7.00 each
30 or more : $6.50 each

This applet will only work with the full English version of uShop ... but if anyone else would like to use it ... just submit a support request at with your license number and we can send it to you.

Note that this new applet is only available with the English full version at this time.
                         7. german uShopInputMenuOption1_de
                        Author Henry on 04-17-2000 at 03:29 (EST)
Hello Bill,

I'm just ordering the full german uShop. It is
somehow essential to my shop to have the above
mentioned quantity/price relation with the uShopInputMenuOption1_de applet. Could this be provided, if I fill out such a customization request - and what does this cost ?

                                 8. customization request
                                Author Charlie Edmunds on 04-17-2000 at 19:40 (EST)

Go ahead and fill out the request, that way you can find our exactly what it will cost, how long it would take, etc.

Thanks, Charlie Edmunds
Microburst Technologies, Inc.
                                         9. RE: customization request
                                        Author Henry on 04-18-2000 at 01:53 (EST)
Hello Charlie,

I have submitted my order but not yet a license number to send the customization request. It also
would be good to know what functionality the product has before you buy it.
This is my customization request:

I have just ordered the full german uShop. (order sent to Microburst) - but -
It is somehow essential to my shop to have the uShopInputQuantityPrice5-quantity/price-relation functionality within the uShopInputMenuOption1_de applet. It also should accept a minimum order qty.
(first qty/price parameter >0, don´t know if ...Price5 does that)
The price info from the product value parameters should not be shown on its drop down menu.


Could an applet like this be provided ? and what would this cost ?

Is there any other applet/way to have such a quantity/price relation functionaly ?


                                                 10. RE: customization request
                                                Author Henry on 04-18-2000 at 03:19 (EST)
oops, html-code got lost.
Here is the URL:

                         11. Applet don't work!
                        Author Sean on 05-04-2000 at 16:46 (EST)
That applet on the customized page doesn't work - it doesn't let you change the quantity!
                                 12. Yes it does,
                                Author Sean on 05-04-2000 at 17:03 (EST)
Ignore that post, probably a MSIE problem

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