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nonexistant class files

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : CGI Script Related Problems
Jul-22-18 02:54 AM EST
Original Message
nonexistant class files
Author Jeff on 08-27-2002 at 08:50 (EST)
Each week, our referrer log indicates a significant number of 404 errors for class files that were not downloaded with the uShop applets, such as:


Also, we have a large number of 404 errors for favicon.ico.

Why are the applets calling for class files that don't exist and is this possibly disrupting customer orders? Thanks for looking into this.

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  RE: nonexistant class files Bill Weiner, 2002-08-28 04:55:03 (1)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: nonexistant class files
        Author Bill Weiner on 08-28-2002 at 04:55 (EST)
Any messages in your server log concerning "BeanInfo" is most likely from browsers using newer versions of Java (Java 1.2 or later) and which are automatically checking for the existance of Java "Bean" information. uShop does not use any Java "beans".... so those errors in the log are normal and ok.

This is also true for any "COMClassObject" errors in the server log file. uShop does not use any... but the newer JVM (Java Virtual Machines) still check for them anyway.

As for the "favicon"... The favicon.ico is a graphic that you can place in your directories to make a cute little icon that shows up if somebody bookmarks your page (if using IE). For more about that, see

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