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Mac IE problems

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Applets are not adding items to Shopping Cart
Jul-22-18 12:53 AM EST
Original Message
Mac IE problems
Author Nancy Bohs on 07-29-2000 at 21:08 (EST)
I just finished setting up uShop v.2.0. It seems to work fine in Windows IE, but a Mac user with IE 4.01 cannot add items to the shopping cart or get to the secure order form. I think I've followed all recommendations as to directory structure and codebase parameters. The URL is

Table Of Contents
  Mac and IE Charlie Edmunds, 2000-07-30 11:18:44 (1)
            Mac and IE Nancy Bohs, 2000-07-30 12:42:52 (2)
                 RE: Mac and IE Bill Weiner, 2000-08-04 10:09:50 (3)
                      Mac I.E. problems...test candidate Bradley Nehring, 2000-09-28 03:24:35 (4)
                           RE: Mac I.E. problems...test candidate Bill Weiner, 2000-09-28 10:53:39 (5)
            Mac java applets Ben Menix, 2001-08-16 09:30:57 (6)
                 RE: Mac java applets Bill Weiner, 2001-08-17 05:16:00 (7)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. Mac and IE
        Author Charlie Edmunds on 07-30-2000 at 11:18 (EST)
Hi Nancy,

Unfortunately we have had mixed results with Macs browsers. The VM's (which execute the Java) vary between browser builds and cause inconsistent results. Some Mac users report absolutely no problems while others like you have trouble. Here is a link to information on browser/versions in which ushop has been tested.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Thanks, Charlie Edmunds
                 2. Mac and IE
                Author Nancy Bohs on 07-30-2000 at 12:42 (EST)
Hi Charlie,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. One of the main reasons I went with uShop was the responsiveness of your support team. (The other two being ease of implementation and flexibility in incorporating into an existing site.) I had checked out the tested platforms page before purchase and knew MAC OS's might be problematical -just thought there might be something I did wrong or some workarounds you knew about. Does the switch to more emphasis on script usage in 3.0 help out with MACs at all?

                         3. RE: Mac and IE
                        Author Bill Weiner on 08-04-2000 at 10:09 (EST)
Moving the order process in uShop 3.0 to be more cgi script driven....will definitely make the order process more robust on more browsers.... but still will not eliminate the mysterious reports of IE browsers on Mac OS's not allowing items to be added to the shopping cart.

Due to lack of Mac resources here, we are still looking for volunteers to help test out uShop on the Mac platform and if there is a problem - help us find a work-around for the problem by performing additional tests. If you (or anyone) have your own Mac, are familiar with uShop, and would like to help us do some testing, please email us at with "Mac Volunteer" as the subject. Thanks.
                                 4. Mac I.E. problems...test candidate
                                Author Bradley Nehring on 09-28-2000 at 03:24 (EST)
I tried sending an email several weeks ago to let you know that I have a mac and am willing to run tests to finally get this thing sorted out!

But alas, no reply from you! I'm trying this forum to see if you respond here...

Let's get this sorted out!

Best regards,
Bradley Nehring
                                         5. RE: Mac I.E. problems...test candidate
                                        Author Bill Weiner on 09-28-2000 at 10:53 (EST)
Well, you have been missing all of the fun! :^)

No, we never received any email from you... other than one un-related support request....and we are actually just about complete with our testing... but your input on the final test site would still be appreciated. I will send the testing information to you at the email address that you used for that 8/17/00 support request.
                 6. Mac java applets
                Author Ben Menix on 08-16-2001 at 09:30 (EST)
I was just wondering if there had been any further progress made over the past year. My own experience has been that the problem is specifically related to Apple's Java Runtime, as so far any browser that I have tried that uses the Apple JVM exhibits the same problems, i.e. will not comminicate the with shopping cart. Netscape 4.x works fine, as does Netscape 6.x. On an interesting side note, it is well documented that Netscape 6.x is a big resource hog. However, the java applets from uShop work better on Netscape 6 for Mac on my Performa 6360 with 56 MB RAM than they do on my 550 MHz K6-2 with 256 MB RAM using Netscape 6. One of my customers told me that the pre-lawsuit version of IE 4.x for Mac worked, but I have been unable to verify this myself.

                         7. RE: Mac java applets
                        Author Bill Weiner on 08-17-2001 at 05:16 (EST)
In regard to the problem with Internet Explorer on Macs, we did write this explanation and give a couple possible work-arounds on this reference page:

However, it does need to be updated in that we narrowed the problem down even futher to see that the Macintosh version of Internet Explorer does not maintain "Static Class Data" across browser frames/pages.

To give you (some very brief) information about Static Class Data, by definition (and in all practicality except on the Macintosh version of IE 5) if you define a variable in a Java Class as "Static", such as:

public static int myVariable = 0;

Then all instances of that same class file should maintain the same value for that variable. For example, if one applet changes the value of that static class variable "myVariable" to 1, then the "myVariable" value of any other instances of that same applet should also be interpretted as 1. And for the most part, it least on other browsers/platforms. It even works properly on Mac IE 5 browsers.... except when the applets are on different pages or different frames. In Mac IE 5 browsers, the static class data of applets in different pages/frames is not maintained.

Static class data is a fundamental principle of Java and an essential property needed for the uShop applets to communicate with each other.

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