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u-reserve date format

Knowledge Base Lobby : uReserve Support Conference : Future Features WishList
Jul-22-18 12:48 PM EST
Original Message
u-reserve date format
Author Randal Irwin on 08-18-2001 at 14:34 (EST)
I would like to display the date as (YYYY/MM/DD), a format common in Asian countries. Would this be a difficult thing to do? I don't mind playing around with the source code I have (I am a registered user) if you have a hint for me!

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  RE: u-reserve date format Bill Weiner, 2001-08-20 23:36:52 (1)

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         1. RE: u-reserve date format
        Author Bill Weiner on 08-20-2001 at 23:36 (EST)
Currently, uReserve 2.0 allows you to specify the date format as:




... as described in the uReserve User's Guide:

See "CGI Script Configuration" - "Additional Preferences" - "$gen_date_format".

Now, if you are comfortable about making a few mods to the Perl code to change the date format to "YYYY/MM/DD"... then you could try searching through the script for each occurance of:


You should see how everywhere that variable is located... a check is performed to see if the data is "US" or "EUROPEAN". You could then modify the logic accordingly to change the field ordering/formatting to your desired format.

Let me know if you need more specific instructions.

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