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Ampersand Issue (Departments)

Knowledge Base Lobby : uSignIn Support Conference : General Troubleshooting
Jul-17-18 11:26 AM EST
Original Message
Ampersand Issue (Departments)
Author Tom Carter on 03-31-2001 at 20:47 (EST)

When I try to use a department that has an ampersand (&) in it's name the program does not correctly parse the ampersand when I try to show all clients listed in the department.

When I remove the ampersand it works fine. Is there a quick adjustment that I can make to the regex feature in the script to allow me to use the ampersand (just one less warning for the users)..

Tom Carter

Table Of Contents
  RE: Ampersand Issue (Departments) Bill Weiner, 2001-04-05 20:41:26 (1)
  Script adjustment to fix ampersand in department name Rich Chamberlain, 2001-04-10 21:03:50 (2)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Ampersand Issue (Departments)
        Author Bill Weiner on 04-05-2001 at 20:41 (EST)
My guess is that the ampersand (&) gets passed on the URL somewhere... and thus is treated as part of a GET command.

In any case, I'll check with the uSignIn developer to see if there are any alternatives.
         2. Script adjustment to fix ampersand in department name
        Author Rich Chamberlain on 04-10-2001 at 21:03 (EST)
Here is the fix:

Approximately 40 lines from the bottom of the script, you will find a check for command type that reads:

elsif($command eq "listdept")

this is the start of the block that performs the links to departments. 10 lines down, you will find the start of a foreach loop that looks like this:


this starts the loop for listing departments. 3 lines below this, you will see a line that looks like this:


directly after this line insert the following statement on its own line:

$_ =~ s/&/%26/g;

The symbol / is a slash followed by a backslash. There is a space between the _ and the = and between the ~ and the s. Make sure this command is on its own line directly after the #fullHeaderCell($_) statement. Also, if you do your editing on a windows machine, make sure the file transfers are in ascii mode.

This should fix it.


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