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added categories

Knowledge Base Lobby : uDirectory Support Conference : Import Data into uDirectory
Jul-20-18 01:11 AM EST
Original Message
added categories
Author Dana Hallfors on 03-18-2003 at 20:12 (EST)
I purchased U Deluxe What Im a doing is using udirect in a county listings. but I want to add sub categories for business listings
like: each html - (main) somewhere County
(sub) heating >to html
(sub) cooling
(sub) Lawyers (etc)
will the program set up subs or will I have to
manually install in each page? Please advise.

Thank you.

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  RE: added categories Bill Weiner, 2003-03-19 05:56:23 (1)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: added categories
        Author Bill Weiner on 03-19-2003 at 05:56 (EST)
uDirectory Deluxe does not handle sub-categories at this time, but here are a few options/suggestions:

OPTION 1) Adopt a naming convention of your categories. Such as:

Canada - Heating
Canada - Cooling
Canada - Lawyers
Denmark - Heating
Denmark - Cooling
Denmark - Lawyers

This will give the effect in the Category Selection Drop-down of having sub categories.

OPTION 2) Install multiple copies of uDirectory Deluxe such that each main category (I believe "Country" in your case) has it's own copy of uDirectory. Categories created within each copy of uDirectory... would then essentially be "Subcategories". A standard index.html page could then be used to link all main categories (the multiple copies of uDirectory) together. NOTE: This option is admittedly more complicated and more difficult to maintain than OPTION 1 above.

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