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Can I put data in uDirectory offline?

Knowledge Base Lobby : uDirectory Support Conference : Import Data into uDirectory
Jul-15-18 11:11 PM EST
Original Message
Can I put data in uDirectory offline?
Author Moderator on 09-27-1999 at 17:30 (EST)
Can I put data in uDirectory offline?

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  Offline uDirectory data input. Moderator, 1999-09-27 18:19:43 (1)

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         1. Offline uDirectory data input.
        Author Moderator on 09-27-1999 at 18:19 (EST)
The only way to work with the data off line would be to physically edit the .txt files that uDirectory uses to store the listing data. A description of these data files can be found in section 13 of the User's Guide or online at:

What I would suggest doing is to:

STEP 1) Use uDirectory to create all of the categories that you want to have.

STEP 2) Use uDirectory to add at least one listing to each category (this way there will be at least one listing that you can use as an example of the listing format in each of the data files).

STEP 3) Use your FTP program to FTP to the "listings" directory that you specified in questions #3 and #4 of the script setup.

NOTE: Once your FTPed in to the listings directory on your server, you will see an .html and a .txt file for each category that you created.

STEP 4) Select all of the .txt files and FTP them (in ASCII or TEXT mode) to a directory on your desktop computer.

NOTE: You can now use any text editor (such as WordPad) to open/edit any of the .txt files. Use the listing that you added to each category (in STEP 2) as an example of what the format of the listings are. See section 13 of the user's guide for more information.

NOTE: To each file you can continue to add listings one right after the many as you like... just be sure to keep the format of each listing the same and give each listing a unique KEY.

STEP 5) Once done editing the .txt file for each category, Use your FTP program to FTP the .txt files (in ASCII or TEXT mode) back to the listings directory on your server.

NOTE: You may need to check that the permissions on the .txt files are still 777. If not, use your FTP program to give the files READ and WRITE permissions (chmod 777).

STEP 6) Login to uDirectory as the administrator (That is, go to the URL of your uDirectory script and enter your password).

STEP 7) On uDirectory, go to "UTILITIES" and press the "Generate HTML" button. (This will force uDirectory to regenerate all of the listing .html pages using your modified .txt files.)

And that should do it!

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