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12min Blockout End of the Hour.

Knowledge Base Lobby : uGolf Support Conference : Configuration Questions
Jul-23-18 01:44 PM EST
Original Message
12min Blockout End of the Hour.
Author Jordan on 06-25-2003 at 12:05 (EST)
How would I make it so that the last 12 minutes of each hour is blockedout for catchup time.

8:00-8:48 Tee Tim reservations can be made
8:48-9:00 Blocked for catchup time
9:00-9:48 Tee Tim reservations can be made
9:48-10:00 Blocked for catchup time

We already have it set for 8min increments with
Start times at 8:00am End time 6:32pm (would like 6:30) on the weekday. And Start time 6:35am End time 6:27 (would like 6:30) on the weekend.

Can we make the example above work with the 8 min increments in reservations from start to end but having blocked out the last 12 minutes of each hour?

Your help in this matter would be a great help and maybe the last time I bother you for awhile.
(I hope)


Table Of Contents
  RE: 12min Blockout End of the Hour. Bill Weiner, 2003-06-27 07:12:49 (1)
            12min Blockout End of the Hour Jordan, 2003-06-27 12:44:36 (2)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: 12min Blockout End of the Hour.
        Author Bill Weiner on 06-27-2003 at 07:12 (EST)
That would be possible by modifying the "display_schedule" subroutine in the script. Unfortunately, the changes would be too difficult to post in this forum (due to difficulty displaying certain HTML characters and difficulty describing exactly where to make the changes within that subroutine), but here are some hints:

In the "display_schedule", you would want to locate the main data loop which begins with the following line:

for ($minutes_counter = $start_minutes; $minutes_counter <= $end_minutes; $minutes_counter += $minutes_inc)

What you could do is add a check just inside that loop that does something like this:

$block_slot = "NO";
$test_min = $minutes_counter%60;
if (($test_min >= 48) && ($test_min <= 59))
$block_slot = "YES";

You could then wrap the rest of the loop in on big "if" statement, such as:

if ($block_slot eq "NO")
# Do normal stuff here.

This would basically prevent any time slots ending with :48 - :59 from being displayed on the schedule.

Send us a support request if you need more help with this.
                 2. 12min Blockout End of the Hour
                Author Jordan on 06-27-2003 at 12:44 (EST)
How do I submit a support request?
I will need a lot of help because I am not a Perl programmer.


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