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Illegal Referrer Page

Knowledge Base Lobby : uStorekeeper Support Conference : General Questions
Jul-19-18 11:32 AM EST
Original Message
Illegal Referrer Page
Author Chuck on 08-30-2001 at 01:19 (EST)
I have been using Netscape 4.7 for a long time and reaching my ustorekeeper control panel, but now I have upgraded to Netscape 6.0 and get the message "Illegal Referrer Page" and cannot reach the control panel. In order to reach the panel I must activate Netscape 4.7 again. I have checked the address spelling very carefully for such things as the www and the https, and there is no difference in my old address and the pone I'm using with Netscape 6. Is there a conflict between Ustorekeeper and Netscape 6?

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  Re: Illegal Referrer Page Joseph Pishgar, 2001-08-30 14:15:50 (1)
            Illegal Referrer Page Lou Price, 2002-01-07 10:28:30 (2)
                 RE:Illegal Referrer Page Joseph Pishgar, 2002-01-07 17:16:43 (3)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. Re: Illegal Referrer Page
        Author Joseph Pishgar on 08-30-2001 at 14:15 (EST)
Hello Chuck,

That is very odd.
Go ahead and send in a support request at and we'll take a look at the URL.

Other than that, its probably a problem with the paths specified in your script. Its a well known fact, for the prize in finicky, Netscape and Windows NT servers take the cake. Its most probably a "/" left out somewhere, or a quote mark wrong thats throwing the whole thing off.

-Joseph Pishgar
                 2. Illegal Referrer Page
                Author Lou Price on 01-07-2002 at 10:28 (EST)
The referring page did not meet security requirements.

I host two stores on the same server. One can get to the manager and the other is getting the Illegal referrer page with the comment above. This has worked in the past. I have verified the secure path and both stores match with the exception of the domain names. Unable to figure this out.
                         3. RE:Illegal Referrer Page
                        Author Joseph Pishgar on 01-07-2002 at 17:16 (EST)
Hello Lou,

We spoke on the phone, yes?
The problem, as I recall, was a difference in versions. One version was 1.55 and the other was 1.83. The 1.83 had the illegal referrer check (in the script) turned on, while the 1.55 did not. Additionally, the login to the control panel URL was trying to jump from http to https, which would confuse any server.

Glad we got it straightened out for you though.
If you have any additional problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Joseph Pishgar
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