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Uploading JPEG Product Photos

Knowledge Base Lobby : uStorekeeper Support Conference : General Questions
Aug-21-18 12:54 AM EST
Original Message
Uploading JPEG Product Photos
Author DM on 07-14-2000 at 13:41 (EST)
Storekeeper is accepting the digital photos, but they do not display when I select the "go to store" button and select the product.
I checked diagnostics and it said the image directory was O.K.

Table Of Contents
  RE: Uploading JPEG Product Photos Bill Weiner, 2000-07-14 14:05:04 (1)
            Digital Photos Dwain, 2000-07-14 15:00:49 (2)
                 RE: Digital Photos Bill Weiner, 2000-07-14 16:31:26 (3)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Uploading JPEG Product Photos
        Author Bill Weiner on 07-14-2000 at 14:05 (EST)
When adding your products, try specifying the full URL of the .jpgs on your server. (I.e. The full URL of your images directory followed by the actual .jpg name).

After that, if you are still having a problem, let me know the URL and I will take a look at it.
                 2. Digital Photos
                Author Dwain on 07-14-2000 at 15:00 (EST)
I tried that and it didn't work. Here's the photo:
                         3. RE: Digital Photos
                        Author Bill Weiner on 07-14-2000 at 16:31 (EST)
Well, from going to the URL:

I can see that the file is not on your least not at the location you think it is. This more than likely means that your "$default_image_dir" setting (question #13 in the script setup questions) is incorrect. So double-check that.... And if all else fails, just specify that setting as the full directory path to your images directory:

Something like:

$default_image_dir = "/www/youraccount/images/";

on UNIX servers, or possibly:

$default_image_dir = "C:/users/youraccount/images/";

on NT servers.

...It's different on all servers. If you don't know how to access your directory via a full directory path, ask your web hosting provider.

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