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new features to add

Knowledge Base Lobby : uStorekeeper Support Conference : Future Feature Wish List
Aug-15-18 12:07 AM EST
Original Message
new features to add
Author Mark Bishop on 02-01-2000 at 01:01 (EST)
After writing about and using uShop since you folks started, I've taken a quick look at uStoreKeeper and like it. However, I do have a couple of suggestions and even a question you might address.

Suggestions: I noticed in going to the use of a Perl script(s) you gave-up some flexibility in allowing owners to customize Web pages, etc., and build around the Java applets. One feature that would be nice to have is when users click on 'larger image' that instead of showing just an image URL, to allow a real static HTML page so we can add detailed text along with the larger picture. Indeed, I worry most uStoreKeeper sites will all look the same because of the lack of HTML customization.

Also, while I applaud your efforts and think it's neat you added an Affiliate Program, it really lacks many true affiliate features like allowing affiliates to log-in and see their stats. In addition, it would be great if an affiliate could simply click on a picture of the product item and then have uStoreKeeper make the links for easy cut and paste.

Shipping. I think UPS has some excellent free programs for e-commerce sites to use and would be cool to integrate, at least the shipping weight, into your program and then calculate it into the total.

Well, these are just fast observations and suggestions. I'm anxious to play with your new program. Lastly, why did you switch from quitting Java and going strictly with Perl?


Mark Bishop


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  suggestions charlie edmunds, 2000-02-01 17:42:01 (1)
  HTML flexibility Mike, 2000-02-03 02:37:27 (2)
            HTML flexibility charlie edmunds, 2000-02-03 20:17:14 (3)
  RE: new features to add Bill Weiner, 2000-02-08 19:29:06 (4)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. suggestions
        Author charlie edmunds on 02-01-2000 at 17:42 (EST)

Thanks for the suggestions. uStorekeeper is geared towards making it easier to set up the store initially. Java is a great technology and offers some nice features for a shopping cart but unfortunately Netscape and IE do not support the java spec consistently, even among their own browser versions. Handling the class files historically has been a problem for new web users. All this combined has made supporting uShop a very resource intensive effort. CGI is more of a setup and forget type of proposition.
You've offered some good suggestions and we'll consider them as we add features to uShop.

Thanks, Charlie Edmunds
Micorburst Technologies, Inc.
         2. HTML flexibility
        Author Mike on 02-03-2000 at 02:37 (EST)
Upon first look-see at the demo I agree with Mark. While the processes and commercial controls of the program appear strong, the lack of visual customization (in the html) concerns me. What would be nice is more of a cross between Ushop and storekeeper. But hey, it is damn powerfull for $250.

I do, however like the simplicity & functionality of this forum. very nice.
                 3. HTML flexibility
                Author charlie edmunds on 02-03-2000 at 20:17 (EST)

Thanks for your comments. I agree that if you are comfortable with HTML then uShop is going to be very attractive because of the flexibility that you have in building your site.

We may offer another major upgrade to uShop, which would address the two main limitations and also also developers to really customize the input applets. We several projects on the drawing board and have to be careful which projects we pursue.

Charlie Edmunds
Microburst Technologies, Inc.
         4. RE: new features to add
        Author Bill Weiner on 02-08-2000 at 19:29 (EST)
Update 2/8/00: We have just released uStorekeeper version 1.1 with the following additional features:

- The ability to allow affiliates to login and see their own reports.

- The ability to link each product to any URL (not just a larger image URL).

- And several other new features/improvements.

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