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Use of Color, needed

Knowledge Base Lobby : uStorekeeper Support Conference : Future Feature Wish List
Aug-19-18 12:03 PM EST
Original Message
Use of Color, needed
Author Mark Bishop on 03-14-2000 at 12:20 (EST)
I think having the ability to add at least a RED color to the *Price option is important. This offsets that same look and color feel from the rest of the product information. It would be nice to see a red color choice in the text field above the price too.

This was by far one of the popular requests that I am getting in my feedback with the non-profit group Web site that I have my uStoreKeeper running.

Another suggestion was that in the *Price field it would be great to be allowed to change the field text Price to like 'Internet Price.' I'm sure this could easily be hacked but perhaps it might be included in the next upgrade.

Speaking of upgrades, in idea when the next upgrade will be available?

Thank you!

Mark Bishop


Table Of Contents
  Color Charlie Edmunds, 2000-03-14 18:08:30 (1)
  RE: Use of Color, needed Bill Weiner, 2000-03-26 10:32:37 (2)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. Color
        Author Charlie Edmunds on 03-14-2000 at 18:08 (EST)

More good ideas, I'll include them in our database. Thanks, again.

Charlie Edmunds
         2. RE: Use of Color, needed
        Author Bill Weiner on 03-26-2000 at 10:32 (EST)
You can add a "regular price" note in a different color to a product now by adding something like this to the description field:

Regularly Priced at $25.00

(with less-than/greater-than signs around the FONT keywords..this forum didn't let me post the less-than/greater-than signs).

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