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PayPlus Mode with Linkpoint

Knowledge Base Lobby : uStorekeeper Support Conference : Configuration Questions
Jul-19-18 09:04 PM EST
Original Message
PayPlus Mode with Linkpoint
Author Barry on 11-29-2002 at 10:41 (EST)
How do you indicate in uStoreKeeper which Payment mode you want Linkpoint to use? I have everything working on my store to communicate orders to Linkpoint, but it will only pass the amount of money and a few other things to Linkpoint.

I would like Linkpoint to work in the PayPlus mode. Linkpoint says to add the code:

INPUT type=”hidden” name=”mode” value=”payplus”

Where and how do I do this in uStorekeeper?


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  RE: PayPlus Mode with Linkpoint Bill Weiner, 2002-12-03 05:57:19 (1)

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         1. RE: PayPlus Mode with Linkpoint
        Author Bill Weiner on 12-03-2002 at 05:57 (EST)
Actually, uStorekeeper already has the LinkPoint payment mode set to "payplus". You can see by viewing the HTML source of the Linkpoint payment button on the order form page:

< INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="mode" VALUE="payplus" >

FYI: You can also see where we set that in the code by opening the "" file with any text editor and taking a look at the "review_order" subroutine.

If with the "payplus" mode, all the information appears to not be passed to LinkPoint, then make sure you setup the interface as described at:

.... Particularly note the "Custom Fields" in Step 2, Item #13.

Also, take note that uStorekeeper records all order details so upon receiving an order, you should be using uStorekeeper's "Order Reader" feature to get all of the order details.

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