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Sedmail in trial version

Knowledge Base Lobby : uStorekeeper Support Conference : Configuration Questions
Jul-19-18 11:43 AM EST
Original Message
Sedmail in trial version
Author Simon on 09-10-2000 at 05:41 (EST)
When I click the "Email Test" button at the bottom of my diagnostic report, the email never shows up.

Is this function implemented in the trial version?

I have the programs running on a FutureQuest server (Linux/Apache) and am using Sendmail - (yes - I have /usr/lib/sendmail correct). I have tried various entries in the "$smtp_address" in the script, to no avail.

The diagnostic report indicates that all is in order, and everything else is working just fine.

Can you help please?



Table Of Contents
  RE: Sedmail in trial version Bill Weiner, 2000-09-11 09:43:09 (1)
            Thanks Bill Simon Lister, 2000-09-11 22:42:48 (2)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Sedmail in trial version
        Author Bill Weiner on 09-11-2000 at 09:43 (EST)
Yes, I believe that email test should work in the uStorekeeper trial version.

And I believe other people using uStorekeeper on FutureQuest have said that all of the default settings work.... so I'm not exactly sure why it's not working for you. Are you seeing any error messages when you try pressing the "Email Test" button?

In any case, here are a couple things to check/try:

1) Make sure that the email address that you entered in the "Primary Email" field on the GENERAL SETTINGS form is a valid email address.

2) Make sure that configuration question #16 is actually set to "SENDMAIL" (to do this, just make sure your diagnostic report says "Sendmail = Path OK" at the bottom).

3) And if that doesn't resolve the problem, it may be worth trying this:

step 1: Open the file in any text editory such as WordPad or Note pad.

step 2: Do a search on the following:

$mail_program = $sendmail_path . " -t -n";

step 3: Try removing the "-n" by changing that line to:

$mail_program = $sendmail_path . " -t";

step 4: Save the file (as TEXT if your editor asks) and try it out!
                 2. Thanks Bill
                Author Simon Lister on 09-11-2000 at 22:42 (EST)
Thanks for the help Bill :>)

Your suggestion to remove the "-n" from the "$mail_program = $sendmail_path ..." line did the trick for me :>)

You say above -

>And I believe other people using uStorekeeper
>on FutureQuest have said that all
>of the default settings work....

This is true, with one exception - I found that in Question 13 I had to change the path to my default image directory from ../images to ../www/images as I have the scripts located in the supplied cgi-bin directory which is above my /www directory. This then allows uploading of images to the www/ folder to work correctly, and means that the image file name required can simply be entered in the Manager without the full path.

Maybe this will help someone else (on an FQ server) who's having a problem here.

Thanks again for a great product and excellent service :>)


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