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Cannot recognize data directory

Knowledge Base Lobby : uStorekeeper Support Conference : Configuration Questions
Aug-14-18 10:25 AM EST
Original Message
Cannot recognize data directory
Author Scott on 06-20-2000 at 19:17 (EST)
When I click on General Settings in the Control Panel, I get this message: Unable to open directory

I have the permissions set for the owner to write and execute. Any help would be appreciated.

Table Of Contents
  RE: Cannot recognize data directory Bill Weiner, 2000-06-20 20:57:54 (1)
            data path Scott, 2000-06-20 22:00:21 (2)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Cannot recognize data directory
        Author Bill Weiner on 06-20-2000 at 20:57 (EST)
Based on the error you are getting, it sounds like you have the $data_directory setting (Question #12 at the top of the file) set to the URL:

Actually, the $data_directory setting should be a directory path such as:

$data_directory = "./data/";

Which is a relative directory path. Or something like:

$data_directory = "/www/youraccount/cgi-bin/data/";

Which is a full path to your "data" directory.

(NOTE that every server has a different way to refer to your directory via a full directory if you opt for using the full directory path...check with your ISP on how to properly access your directory via a full path).

But in any case, make sure the $data_directory setting is actually a directory path....not a URL (ie. NOT starting with http....)
                 2. data path
                Author Scott on 06-20-2000 at 22:00 (EST)
Thanks for the quick response - "data/"; did the trick.


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