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OK....REALLY!! Annoyed!

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Tax, Shipping, and Handling Questions
Mar-22-19 01:04 AM EST
Original Message
OK....REALLY!! Annoyed!
Author kachurak on 09-08-2000 at 14:21 (EST)

For going on 3 days now, I've read through the instructions on how to configure the taxes and shipping.

I am trying to complete the following:

For customers in CA, I need to give them the option of choosing the appropriate tax rate from 7.0% - 8.5%. Should be easy right? That's what I thought.

I go into the control panel and enter in the following:

1. I click on "Taxes & Shipping"
2. Default Tax rate is set to 0.0%
3. Tax Table for States & Countries is empty
4. Tax Menu rate contains tax rates. IE: 7.5%, 7.875%, 8.50%
5. Tax Menu Table reads: CA, California
6. Tax shipping charge is set to NO
7. Base Tax on is set to Shipping address
8. Click apply to save changes.
9. Go back and "pretend" to order and reload the pages, just in case
10. SAME PROBLEM, NO taxes added?!

If you want to see where I am talking...go to:

I've tried to follow the instructions in full detail and I STILL cannot get the item to charge for tax on the item purchased.

I have established a Default shipping cost of $10.00 but that shouldn't have an effect on the tax rate right?

What am I overlooking or doing wrong? I can't seem to find it and it's to the point now of just throwing it out the door and who knows what else!


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  forgot to add.... kachurak, 2000-09-08 14:24:44 (1)
            tax not being added ronharter, 2000-09-08 15:52:18 (2)
                 RE: tax not being added Bill Weiner, 2000-09-08 17:40:58 (3)
                 Ron, thanks, knew I was overlooking SOMETHING!! kachurak, 2000-09-08 17:42:55 (4)
                      Your Welcome ronharter, 2000-09-09 08:20:52 (5)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. forgot to add....
        Author kachurak on 09-08-2000 at 14:24 (EST)
By the way, I forgot to add that the tax RATE, DOES in fact show up on the order form at the bottom, just above the shipping field, but with a $0.00 amount!??
                 2. tax not being added
                Author ronharter on 09-08-2000 at 15:52 (EST)
I don't work for Ushop but I use it on a couple of sites. I think the problem is that in your applets you have the param name "taxable" set to "no" it should be yes if you want tax charged.
Hope this helps you out.

Ron Harter
                         3. RE: tax not being added
                        Author Bill Weiner on 09-08-2000 at 17:40 (EST)
That is correct. Set those "taxable" parameters to "yes" and you should be ok.

PARAM NAME="taxable" VALUE="yes"
                         4. Ron, thanks, knew I was overlooking SOMETHING!!
                        Author kachurak on 09-08-2000 at 17:42 (EST)

Thanks for responding, I knew that I was overlooking something.

That must be the only thing that I DIDN'T doublecheck, cause I rememeber that I uploaded the page again, after reinserting the code.

Good eyes!

Appreciate the help!

Matt Kachurak

What kind of work DO you do?
                                 5. Your Welcome
                                Author ronharter on 09-09-2000 at 08:20 (EST)

I thought that would do it for you. Didn't know if Bill would get back to you since it was the weekend. But as usual they were right on top of it. Wish I could get this kind of tech support for some of my other programs.

I am the webmaster and consultant for several sites. You can checkout my homepage at


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