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Can't see s/h while viewing cart

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Tax, Shipping, and Handling Questions
Aug-14-18 10:28 AM EST
Original Message
Can't see s/h while viewing cart
Author Gerry Campos on 11-27-1999 at 22:04 (EST)
OOPs the following was also posted in "problems placing orders" which is the wrong forum, sorry.

After purchasing an item (while testing), the item is viewable in the "view cart" but the shipping and handling costs are not, except when I click on the checkout link and go back to the view cart, then I can see the s/h. I've checked everything I possibly can but can't find a clue as to why this happens.


Here's the link to the store:

Table Of Contents
  shipping and handling Charlie Edmunds, 1999-11-29 17:18:50 (1)
            I'm confused Randy, 2000-01-11 15:08:49 (2)
                 RE: I'm confused Bill Weiner, 2000-01-18 21:50:49 (3)
                      Shipping on order page Dave, 2000-01-27 11:08:30 (4)
                           Shipping on order page charlie edmunds, 2000-01-27 20:31:49 (5)
                      Your solution isn't working for me Cliff Etzel, 2001-03-06 20:18:08 (6)
                           RE: Your solution isn't working for me Bill Weiner, 2001-03-07 06:56:27 (7)
                                URL of site in question Cliff Etzel, 2001-03-09 12:56:15 (8)
                                     RE: URL of site in question Bill Weiner, 2001-03-13 06:10:31 (9)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. shipping and handling
        Author Charlie Edmunds on 11-29-1999 at 17:18 (EST)

The shipping and handling is not calculated until you go to checkout. This may be inconvenient but the shipping is based on the state, weight, etc and can't be derived until checkout time. That's why you can't see it until you visit the checkout page.


Charlie Edmunds
Microburst Technologies, Inc.
                 2. I'm confused
                Author Randy on 01-11-2000 at 15:08 (EST)
So... if a buyer/visitor wants to see a cart with shipping prices added, they must go to the "order" page and then go back?
                         3. RE: I'm confused
                        Author Bill Weiner on 01-18-2000 at 21:50 (EST)
This is typical of most shopping systems because tax, shipping and handling is usually based on where the customer lives....that is, information gathered when filling out the order form.

If you are concerned about customers being confused, then put some message on your shopping cart page...using standard HTML...saying something like "Tax, Shipping, and Handling will be automatically calculated for you when you fill out the order form".

Either that, or just put the "LARGE" shopping cart on the same page as your order form .... and they'll see the tax/shipping update as they enter their billing addresss.
                                 4. Shipping on order page
                                Author Dave on 01-27-2000 at 11:08 (EST)
I tried adding the shopping cart to order.template where the order form is located. I cannot seem to get the applet for the shopping cart to load on this page. It works find on its own. The order form is still functioning properly.

                                         5. Shipping on order page
                                        Author charlie edmunds on 01-27-2000 at 20:31 (EST)
Usually applets that don't show up have a problem with the codebase parameter. This needs to be specified exactly the same throughout your pages. All your classes should be in the same location as well.

Can you send me an url that I can look at?

Charlie Edmunds
Microburst Technologies, Inc.
                                 6. Your solution isn't working for me
                                Author Cliff Etzel on 03-06-2001 at 20:18 (EST)
Hi Charlie - I am working with the 2.0 version with a redesgn for my client and he raised this exact issue days before going live with the site - I tried your above solution and I am not seeing an update based upon test input I enter in on the check out page (Customer shipping applet)- What am I missing that isn't showing the actual shipping charges as they fill out the shipping address?

Help on this is greatly needed or I lose 3 weeks of integration and development time in ColdFusion and your product.


Cliff Etzel
ClifCom Website Development
                                         7. RE: Your solution isn't working for me
                                        Author Bill Weiner on 03-07-2001 at 06:56 (EST)
Concerning uShop 2.x:

What exactly is the problem you are seeing? Is the problem that the shipping charges are not displayed in the shopping cart AFTER you fill out the order form applet? If so, then the problem will be the codebase setting... and which can be easily verified because the shopping cart will be empty when you try to send the order via the order applet.

If you are using cold fusion to dynamically generate your product pages, then you should be using the full URL of your classes directory as the CODEBASE setting of ALL of your applets.... including your order applet. So check that.

And if that doesn't resolve the problem, give me the URL where I can view the problem and I will take a look at it.
                                                 8. URL of site in question
                                                Author Cliff Etzel on 03-09-2001 at 12:56 (EST)
Try this url on my dev server:

regarding the FULL URL of the applets code base - even though they are showing up no problem, and they are populating as expected, you really think that the full URL is a good idea?

Cliff Etzel
ClifCom Website Development
                                                         9. RE: URL of site in question
                                                        Author Bill Weiner on 03-13-2001 at 06:10 (EST)
I took a look at your site and noticed that you are getting the following error on your "check_out.cfm" page:

# Applet exception: class uShopOrderDeluxeCGI.class could not be loaded

I can see that you do indeed have that class file at:

So that means that the problem probably has to do with the extra spaces/carriage return after the:

code = "uShopOrderDeluxeCGI.class

... and before the closing double-quote. (The closing double-quote is on the next line). Try changing that line to:

code = "uShopOrderDeluxeCGI.class"

... so there aren't any extra spaces/carriage returns after the class name... and that will probably resolve the "could not be loaded" error.

And by correcting the "uShopOrderDeluxeCGI.class" loading error.... that will probably resolve your shipping charges problem. (Remember that the shipping charges will not show up in the cart until at least one uShopOrder applet is displayed.)

And in regard to using the full URL as your CODEBASE setting, yes, it is recommended that you use the FULL URL of your classes directory as the CODEBASE setting whenever you are DYNAMICALLY CREATING pages with the uShop applets on them. (This will maximize browser compatibility when DYNAMICALLY generating pages.).

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