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Print Payment Option

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : General Questions
Jul-23-18 01:45 PM EST
Original Message
Print Payment Option
Author M Ulm on 08-23-2002 at 15:42 (EST)
Is there a tmp file created when a customer uses the Print Payment Option? If there is, is there a way to add the order number to the Print Payment Option page, so I could have a phone customer give me the order number and I could go and find the tmp file for that order.


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  RE: Print Payment Option Bill Weiner, 2002-08-26 04:21:32 (1)
            tmp file M Ulm, 2002-08-26 05:31:24 (2)
                 tmp file M Ulm, 2002-08-26 05:49:03 (3)
                      RE: tmp file Bill Weiner, 2002-08-27 03:46:13 (5)
                           payment option M Ulm, 2002-08-27 03:51:21 (7)
                 RE: tmp file Bill Weiner, 2002-08-27 03:38:42 (4)
                      tmp file M Ulm, 2002-08-27 03:47:54 (6)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: Print Payment Option
        Author Bill Weiner on 08-26-2002 at 04:21 (EST)
No ".tmp" (or ".order") file is created when a customer uses the "Print" payment option.

If you want an order (and order number) when a customer uses the "Print" payment option, then the easiest thing to do is to use the "Contact Me" or "COD" payment option instead. Both the "Contact Me" and the "COD" payment options will write an order file (and send an email notification) when an order is placed.... and so you can just rename the "Contact Me" or "COD" payment buttons to say "Print".

That is, on the uShop Control Panel, under GENERAL SETTINGS - PAYMENT OPTIONS... just rename the "Contact Me" or "COD" payment buttons and use one of those options instead of the "PRINT" payment option.
                 2. tmp file
                Author M Ulm on 08-26-2002 at 05:31 (EST)
What I would like to have is the ability to give the customer a number on the print out of a tmp file, so that if he calls or mails in payment I can go and use the tmp file to get his order information. I don't want an order going into the system everytime someone does the print option, because most will not complete payment.
Will the "Contact me" or "COD do what I need?
                         3. tmp file
                        Author M Ulm on 08-26-2002 at 05:49 (EST)
I just did a test Print Order and it created a tmp file in my data directory. All I want to do is include the number that ushop used to name that tmp file on the Print Order form. Can you tell me how to do that?
                                 5. RE: tmp file
                                Author Bill Weiner on 08-27-2002 at 03:46 (EST)
If you are using one of the external payment processing systems or the "custom" payment option, then, Yes, the a ".tmp" file will be created for "Print" orders too.

If you want to include the $order_number at the top of the "Print Form"... there here are some steps:

STEP 1: Make a backup of your current file... just in case.

STEP 2: Open your file with any text editor such as WordPad.

STEP 3: Do a search on the following line:

$order_instructions = $settings[62];

STEP 4: Immediately AFTER that line, add this line:

$order_instructions .= "< BR > < BR > Your order number is: $order_number";

(In the above line, there should NOT be spaces around the two "BR"s.)

STEP 5: Save the script... as TEXT if your editor asks... and try it out!
                                         7. payment option
                                        Author M Ulm on 08-27-2002 at 03:51 (EST)
I'm using the print payment option. The only thing I have done that I know of that might cause it to give me tmp files is I tried a paypal solution once.
                         4. RE: tmp file
                        Author Bill Weiner on 08-27-2002 at 03:38 (EST)
So you don't want the order to go through the system? And you don't want an email notification? In that case, No, the "Contact Me" and "COD" option is not what you want to use.

As for getting the order number from the ".tmp" file... the name of the ".tmp" file IS the order number.
                                 6. tmp file
                                Author M Ulm on 08-27-2002 at 03:47 (EST)
But what would help me is for the customer to have the order number on his print out so he could tell me his order number over the phone. Then I could look up the tmp file to get his order information. All the customer would have to give me is his order# and credit card numbers and I could put his order together.

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