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Order Declined

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : General Questions
Aug-21-18 12:55 AM EST
Original Message
Order Declined
Author M Ulm on 08-02-2002 at 12:17 (EST)
I have had two orders in the last two days that Linkpoint approved then it was declined by ushop I think. I get emails saying "Order number given must be unique."

Table Of Contents
  Order Declined M Ulm, 2002-08-04 18:04:40 (1)
            Order Declined M Ulm, 2002-08-04 19:57:49 (2)
                 RE: Order Declined Bill Weiner, 2002-08-05 05:32:46 (3)
                      .tmp files 1liter, 2003-04-01 21:38:09 (4)
                           RE: .tmp files Bill Weiner, 2003-04-02 06:48:39 (5)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. Order Declined
        Author M Ulm on 08-04-2002 at 18:04 (EST)
Hi over the weekend I got more of these declines.
The last Order Declined I got this appoval first:
Approval Code: Y:0154920d4da73f00:YYYX:MPL3IA3NU 0804A 81:

Then i got this Declined
Approval Code: N:CC-4023: Order number given must be unique.

The order number was 08042002-001543180

Is there a delay on the jump back to ushop from linkpoint?
                 2. Order Declined
                Author M Ulm on 08-04-2002 at 19:57 (EST)
I looked thur my data directory and noticed that I had a couple of tmp files with the same number as other tmp files except it had a 2 at the end. the random number in all but 2 files had 9 places but on these 2 it had 10 places. One set of these was one customer with both files. The other set was made up of the customer from the first set and a totally different customer.
                         3. RE: Order Declined
                        Author Bill Weiner on 08-05-2002 at 05:32 (EST)
There are a couple possiblities for those occurances:

POSSIBILITY 1: The customer (honestly) filled out the uShop Order Forms - Clicked on the LinkPoint Credit Card Payment Button - Filled in their payment information and submitted it - And then tried to abort/change something by just going BACK to the uShop Order Form and then FORWARD again to the LinkPoint payment screen.

POSSIBILITY 2: The customer (dishonestly) was trying to validate stolen credit card numbers and was trying (unsuccessfully) to press BACK/FORWARD to get new order numbers.

I would recommend being careful to verify that the orders were valid/honest.

And if necessary, you should be able to get any missing customer data from any .tmp files that were left on your server.
                                 4. .tmp files
                                Author 1liter on 04-01-2003 at 21:38 (EST)
Ver2 user, just got Ver3.6 and I just wanted to know what is .tmp and how can I view it
                                         5. RE: .tmp files
                                        Author Bill Weiner on 04-02-2003 at 06:48 (EST)
When uShop is being used with an online payment processing gateway such as LinkPoint and/or Authorize.Net, temporary files (files ending with the file extension ".tmp") are temporarily created before passing control to the payment gateway... and deleted after the payment gateway collects/validates the customer's payment information. Those ".tmp" files will not be deleted if the payment gateway times-out and/or the customer does not complete the order on the payment gateway.

You can manually view any ".tmp" files by FTPing to your server and looking in uShop's "data" directory.

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