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3.0 - Print Payment Option - Send Email Notification?

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : General Questions
Aug-21-18 12:55 AM EST
Original Message
3.0 - Print Payment Option - Send Email Notification?
Author Keith M. Holmes on 08-04-2000 at 22:18 (EST)
When using 3.0 does clicking on the "Print Payment Option" send an email notification? I sure miss the availability to send an order just by email as in 2.0. My store received the check or money order and the item(s) were sent. 3.0 looks great but may have this one major drawback - no selection for check or money order to be sent.

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  RE: 3.0 - Print Payment Option - Send Email Notification? Bill Weiner, 2000-08-05 07:29:18 (1)
            Why would you send the product without the check first Paul W. Abernathy, 2000-08-15 18:00:07 (2)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. RE: 3.0 - Print Payment Option - Send Email Notification?
        Author Bill Weiner on 08-05-2000 at 07:29 (EST)
That is correct, the "Print Payment Option" in uShop 3.0 does not send any emails. However, depending on how you actually receive the payment and when you send the order, there are various options in 3.0 to accomplish that.

For most stores that accept payment by regular check (not electronic checks), the "Print Payment Options" is ideal in that the customer prints out the order and mails it to the storeowner along with his/her check....the storeowner then sends the order.

For the way you are handling orders, if you just want an email of the order (in which case you would send the order before any check or money order is actually received) then it sounds like you should look into the "COD Payment Option". That is, the COD payment option will not require any payment information and will email the storeowner whenever an order is placed. If desired, you can even add one of the custom fields to your order form so that a customer can specify whether they are going to send a check or money order.

Along the same lines, the "'Contact Me' Payment Option" may also work for you too.

(Remember that you can configure the labels on the order buttons and the ordering instructions as needed).
                 2. Why would you send the product without the check first
                Author Paul W. Abernathy on 08-15-2000 at 18:00 (EST)

Just a quick note, I would never send a product to a client without getting payment first. Thats what is so great about the Print Option..they can get a receipt right away and send it in with payment and they get a hard copy receipt from us once we get the money order . I use the C.O.D method button for this option and it works great.

Paul W. Abernathy,CEO
" You got pets- We got Answers"

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