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Question about Microsoft no longer including Java

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : General Questions
Aug-17-18 01:43 PM EST
Original Message
Question about Microsoft no longer including Java
Author Brian Levine on 08-06-2001 at 09:53 (EST)
Has anyone at uBurst given thought to Microsoft's recent statement that they do not plan to include Java support in their new OSes? I would hate for potential new customers to have to download the JVM in order to use my website.

Table Of Contents
  Java Not Supported On Win XP James, 2001-08-06 18:05:11 (1)
            RE: Java Not Supported On Win XP Bill Weiner, 2001-08-07 22:54:57 (2)
                 Question about Microsoft no longer including Java - more Brian Levine, 2001-08-11 09:51:11 (3)
                      Java problem? Chris Brogan, 2001-08-29 10:11:31 (4)
                           RE: Java problem? Bill Weiner, 2001-08-31 09:40:01 (5)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. Java Not Supported On Win XP
        Author James on 08-06-2001 at 18:05 (EST)
Ditto, heard that from another client today. I'm very concerned about this...

                 2. RE: Java Not Supported On Win XP
                Author Bill Weiner on 08-07-2001 at 22:54 (EST)
Here are my thoughts on the subject....

I believe Microsoft's decision to not deliver the JVM with it's OS's will affect Java "Applications" and Java "Servlets" (which run on the Server/OS)... .more so than Java "Applets" (which run on the client's browser). This is because Java Applets are dependent on the JVM of the browser.... for which there will continue to be an option to download when installing the browser (if not as a standard feature of the browser...then as a plugin). uShop uses Java Applets.

In regard to customers who use IE browsers and who did not initially choose to install Java upon installing IE... obviously that would make it more inconvenient for them, but hopefully there are still enough other websites running Java that getting the JVM is still common place.... and perhaps done before even visiting your store.
                         3. Question about Microsoft no longer including Java - more
                        Author Brian Levine on 08-11-2001 at 09:51 (EST)
Hmm...that's not very conforting.

Frankly, I think that the Netscape 6 is a DOG SLOW browser (and I'm a longtime Netscape fan), and that more and more people will be switching to IE. If I lose even 5% of potential customers because people don't want to take the time to install the JVM, THAT IS A SIGNIFICANT LOSS OF BUSINESS.

Does anyone know if there are any campaigns to petition Microsoft to include the JVM with IE? I would hate to have to maintain a seperate, non-Java (ASP?) version of my store, but right now, I see this as my only viable option. Any other ideas?
                                 4. Java problem?
                                Author Chris Brogan on 08-29-2001 at 10:11 (EST)
I'm trying to develop an on-line store I thought that I found the perfect solution as I wanted an always visible shopping cart. As I relatively new to all this, can someone advise me as to how much of a problem this is?

How many people won't be able to use the shop if I use uShop as a solution?

Thanks in advance
                                         5. RE: Java problem?
                                        Author Bill Weiner on 08-31-2001 at 09:40 (EST)
The system requirements of uShop customers remain the same:

And in regard to Java Not Supported On Win XP... see my response above. (In short, I feel it will have very little impact on browsers/applets.)


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