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Missing Text in my order form continue button

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : General Questions
Jul-22-18 04:22 AM EST
Original Message
Missing Text in my order form continue button
Author Monty Bates on 04-26-2001 at 22:22 (EST)
Everything is working great with the software except one small button.

I must have overlooked were to specify the text for the order form button. I can't find where to set it.

An example page is

After you enter a few items to the cart and begin the order completion process, the button on the bottom has no next. How do I add text to it?

Thanks for your help.

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  Re:Missing Text in my order form continue button Joseph Pishgar, 2001-04-27 09:28:07 (1)
            Update Monty Bates, 2001-04-27 09:49:30 (2)
                 RE: Update Bill Weiner, 2001-04-28 07:35:10 (3)
                      Still no text in the button Monty Bates, 2001-04-28 14:12:24 (4)
                           RE: Still no text in the button Bill Weiner, 2001-04-29 07:46:04 (5)
                                The button is perfect now Monty Bates, 2001-04-29 13:23:19 (6)
                                I now know why this happened. Monty Bates, 2001-04-29 13:45:47 (7)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. Re:Missing Text in my order form continue button
        Author Joseph Pishgar on 04-27-2001 at 09:28 (EST)
I can't seem to locate the problem.
I added a product to the cart, and the "Remove" button text seemed to be chopped in half.
This is probably due to browser difficulties with your size settings. Try increasing your width and height settings in the cart applet and see if that helps.

-Joseph Pishgar
                 2. Update
                Author Monty Bates on 04-27-2001 at 09:49 (EST)

Thank you for checking on it.

I don't think I was clear. The button with the missing text is on the page where you type in the shipping and billing address. It is the second page after you click on the "Complete Order Process" buton.

And thanks for the info on the width and height settings. I will make the adjustments.
                         3. RE: Update
                        Author Bill Weiner on 04-28-2001 at 07:35 (EST)
Actually, the text that appears on the CGI order form's "Continue" button is controlled by the "$lang_order_form_continue_button" setting in the file. So you could technically use any text editor to open/edit the file and change that label as desired.

The problem, however, is that upon logging in to the uShop Control Panel for the first time (which you have obviously done)... the "Continue" button value is written to the "ushop-settings.txt" file (located in your cgi-bin/data/ direcotry). We did this because we originally planned to make the label configurable via the uShop Control Panel (and may still do so).

But until we add that option to the control panel, you will have to edit your "ushop-settings.txt" file as per the instructions below:


STEP 1: Use your FTP program to transfer the "ushop-settings.txt" file from your server's cgi-bin/data directory - back to your local computer. When transferring this file BE SURE TO TRANSFER IT IN ASCII TRANSFER MODE!

STEP 2: Make a backup copy of your "ushop-settings.txt" file... just in case.

STEP 3: Use any text editor (such a WordPad) to open the "ushop-settings.txt" file.

STEP 4: Make the continue button label changes on the following lines:


The default values of these lines (originally written based on your file) should be:

Continue >>

...for lines 25, 58, 61 and 171, respectively.

STEP 5: Save the changes (as TEXT if your editor asks).

STEP 6: Re-transfer the file to your cgi-bin/data directory... AGAIN, BE SURE TO TRANSFER THE FILE IN ASCII TRANSFER MODE.

STEP 7: Try it out!

Good luck!
                                 4. Still no text in the button
                                Author Monty Bates on 04-28-2001 at 14:12 (EST)

Thank you for looking into my problem.

I made the changes, but the continue button still has no text.

I didn't make any changed to the ushop-languages.cgi file. In fact, I verified this:

$lang_order_form_continue_button = ' Continue ';

Here is the printout from the control panel diagnostics:

$settings[0] = M&K Optics L.L.C.
$settings[1] = 125 Green Hollow Road Oklahoma City, OK 73142-3137
$settings[2] = (405) 555-0187
$settings[3] = (405) 555-0187
$settings[4] =
$settings[5] =
$settings[6] =
$settings[7] = An Order Has Been Placed
$settings[8] = Your order from M&K Optics L.L.C.
$settings[9] = Thank you for your order.Monty Bates
$settings[10] = YES
$settings[11] = NO
$settings[12] = 8
$settings[13] = 40
$settings[14] = 4
$settings[15] = 10
$settings[16] = NO
$settings[17] = NO
$settings[18] = YES
$settings[19] =
$settings[20] =
$settings[21] =
$settings[22] =
$settings[23] =
$settings[24] =
$settings[25] = Continue >>
$settings[26] = order_template.html
$settings[27] = Thank you for your order.
$settings[28] =
$settings[29] = order_template.html
$settings[30] = Thank you for your order.
$settings[31] = YES
$settings[32] = Pay by Credit Card
$settings[33] =
$settings[34] = NO
$settings[35] =
$settings[36] =
$settings[37] = NO
$settings[38] =
$settings[39] =
$settings[40] = YES
$settings[41] = Pay by Money Order
$settings[42] =
$settings[43] = NO
$settings[44] =
$settings[45] =
$settings[46] = NO
$settings[47] =
$settings[48] =
$settings[49] = NO
$settings[50] =
$settings[51] =
$settings[52] = NO
$settings[53] =
$settings[54] =
$settings[55] = creditcard_template.html
$settings[56] = Thank you for placing your order.
$settings[57] =
$settings[58] = Continue
$settings[59] =
$settings[60] =
$settings[61] = Continue
$settings[62] =
$settings[63] = order_template.html
$settings[64] = Thank you for placing your order.
$settings[65] =
$settings[66] = Please print and enclose this page with the money order toMonty Bates 12725 Country Hollow RoadOklahoma City, OK 73142-3137
$settings[67] =
$settings[68] =
$settings[69] =
$settings[70] =
$settings[71] =
$settings[72] =
$settings[73] =
$settings[74] = YES
$settings[75] = YES
$settings[76] = 0.0%
$settings[77] =
$settings[78] =
$settings[79] = OKLAHOMA=7.75%,OK=7.75%,OKLA=7.75%
$settings[80] =
$settings[81] =
$settings[82] = $4 USPS Priority Mail
$settings[83] = FLAT_FEE
$settings[84] = 4.00
$settings[85] = $12 USPS Express Mail
$settings[86] = FLAT_FEE
$settings[87] = 12.00
$settings[88] = $15 USPS Global Priority
$settings[89] = FLAT_FEE
$settings[90] = 15.00
$settings[91] = $25 USPS International Express Mail
$settings[92] = FLAT_FEE
$settings[93] = 25.00
$settings[94] =
$settings[95] = NONE
$settings[96] =
$settings[97] =
$settings[98] =
$settings[99] =
$settings[100] =
$settings[101] =
$settings[102] =
$settings[103] =
$settings[104] =
$settings[105] =
$settings[106] =
$settings[107] =
$settings[108] =
$settings[109] =
$settings[110] =
$settings[111] =
$settings[112] =
$settings[113] = Billing email
$settings[114] =
$settings[115] =
$settings[116] =
$settings[117] =
$settings[118] =
$settings[119] =
$settings[120] =
$settings[121] =
$settings[122] =
$settings[123] =
$settings[124] =
$settings[125] =
$settings[126] =
$settings[127] =
$settings[128] =
$settings[129] =
$settings[130] =
$settings[131] =
$settings[132] =
$settings[133] =
$settings[134] =
$settings[135] =
$settings[136] =
$settings[137] =
$settings[138] =
$settings[139] =
$settings[140] =
$settings[141] =
$settings[142] =
$settings[143] =
$settings[144] =
$settings[145] =
$settings[146] =
$settings[147] =
$settings[148] =
$settings[149] =
$settings[150] =
$settings[151] = FALSE
$settings[152] = FALSE
$settings[153] =
$settings[154] =
$settings[155] =
$settings[156] =
$settings[157] = FALSE
$settings[158] = FALSE
$settings[159] = NO
$settings[160] =
$settings[161] =
$settings[162] =
$settings[163] =
$settings[164] =
$settings[165] =
$settings[166] =
$settings[167] =
$settings[168] =
$settings[169] =
$settings[170] =
$settings[171] = Continue

Any idea why the button (on the order form where you type in the shipping address) has no text?
                                         5. RE: Still no text in the button
                                        Author Bill Weiner on 04-29-2001 at 07:46 (EST)
Hmm... if your file did have the correct "Continue" label in it, I'm not sure why it didn't successfully get written your ushop-settings.txt file the first time you logged into the uShop Control Panel.

Anyway, to correct the problem....

2 things:

1) Sorry, I was looking at some older documentation. The first "Continue" should have been added to line 29 of the ushop-settings.txt file instead of line 25.

2) The fields shown on the Diagnostic report actually start from index 0. So it appears that you may have added the "Continues" on one line too far in the ushop-settings.txt file. That is, upon adding those continues to the ushop-settings.txt file, the uShop Diagnostic output should show the following field settings:

$settings[28] = Continue
$settings[57] = Continue
$settings[60] = Continue
$settings[170] = Continue
                                                 6. The button is perfect now
                                                Author Monty Bates on 04-29-2001 at 13:23 (EST)

Thank you very much for your help!

Everything is now working great.
                                                 7. I now know why this happened.
                                                Author Monty Bates on 04-29-2001 at 13:45 (EST)
I now know why my problem happened, and I will record it here for the record.

When my hosting provider set the protections on my data folder, he first set it so the scripts could modify files but not create files. So I created a blank ushop-settings.txt file and started working.

Since then, my hosting provider fixed the protection problem. And when you wrote, "I'm not sure why it didn't successfully get written your ushop-settings.txt file the first time you logged into the uShop Control Panel", I now see that when I created the file myself it didn't have the text labels for the buttons.

When I deleted the ushop-settings.txt file and ran the uShop Control Panel, everything worked like it should have.

Thank you for your help.

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